MPs Face Oblivion

Blogging about the UK while living in the Philippines is never easy. I find out about what’s going on second hand, though I do have a couple of chums who feed me online news stories which often prompt me to write.

On many occasions, though I find it hard to care too much about events going on back home and I imagine that my blogging will soon cease. But usually it only takes a day or two, and my interest gets tweaked by some new event, and I’m back on the keyboard. This time it was a post by Huntsman – my fellow Umbrella Blog writer – which prompted me.

The potential split in the Lib Dems and the possible increase in the Labour rebellion over the lack of a referendum on the Lisbon Constitutional Treaty has renewed my interest in what seemed a hopeless if not desperate situation. The ratification of Lisbon will condemn the UK to years of corruption, social disintegration and powerlessness. Is there a glimmer of hope, as Huntsman wants to believe, that the Parliamentary battle could be a lot closer than we have been previously led to believe?

Public anger with MPs has been whipped up to a most satisfying extent by Guido, over Hain, Abrahams and numerous others, and there are no doubt more miscreants to come in Labour ranks. The anger about Conway’s greed and lack of repentance ripples through the ether in surges, and the exposure of yet more questionable family financial arrangements amongst other Conservatives (The Wintertons) is only adding to the effect. MPs have not been so despised and loathed by the British public in living memory – or ever.

The focus of the anger is petty or serious corruption, depending on who you believe. But I doubt any of this renewed interest in MPs expenses and fund-raising practices would be happening, if people were not already furious at the mess they witness in their own day to day lives, that has been made of the country in which they are living. The corruption is only providing the stick to beat MPs with, that people have been subconsciously seeking for a while, a channel for their anger and way to start exacting revenge on those who are responsible. This appetite for revenge can only grow.

Maybe for this reason, the constituency referendums being organised to embarrass Lib Dem MPs in marginals about their broken promise to give the UK a referendum on Lisbon are hitting home. The LIb Dem blogosphere reveals a wide and growing split over the issue within the Party. As well as providing another efficient avenue for the expression of anger against the political class in general, these referenda are also providing at least a glimmer of hope that the closed ranks of pro-Treaty MPs might start to crack.

And part of the reason for this hope has to be the role of the political blogosphere.

The role of the blogosphere is the one area that the ‘planners’ who have orchestrated the Lisbon treaty to be passed unopposed by wall-to-wall Labour and Lib Dem automatons acting as if a colony of ants, have not taken into account. The growth of its readership is quite extraordinary. Guido claims 500,000 visits in January 2008 alone, against 100,000 in January 2006. Dale is not far behind, nor is Conservativehome. If it wasn’t for these guys, the public would not even know how corrupt and greedy some in our government and opposition politicians has become as our political system moves culturally and politically towards Europe. And many would not realise that the social contagion they witness around them, is not only happening on their back door but nationwide.

This is the story of the Blair years (1997-2007).

Blair promised to reform and improve Britain in 1997 in a sea of optimism and hope. The only person he looked after, though, since that time has been number one – himself. In the light of his actions, it is not surprising that his self-serving ways have been emulated far and wide throughout the political system, or that now the stench is getting intolerable. Abrahams, Hain, Conway – all are out for themselves, destroying Britain’s democracy and making big bucks for themselves or acquiring power or both. Brown is no different. I don’t think there has ever been an era in British public life before self-interest and self-regard have so blatantly taken over.

In earlier centuries when pay-offs were a given, so was pride and real achievement also valued. Samuel Pepys milked the navy as its provisioner, but he helped to make it the finest in the world through his excellent organisation. Blair has milked Britain for what he wanted out of it – prestige, position and money. But what a god awful mess he’s made of this once great country in the process. Blair has corrupted the country, taken what he wanted from it but given back only destruction in return.

Brown is Blair’s embarrassing leftover, who we would do well to get rid of, as he dismantles the little that’s left of our democracy and the competence of our country to run itself.

Writers and broadcasters in the MSM are so much a part of the system that they either don’t see what is happening to Britain or they don’t care as they too need to see their next pay cheque and pension. Only in the blogs, in the virtual world where no one makes money or gains position, can real anger be expressed and revelation of truth be made…to begin with. But from there, the emotion fans out like ripples on a lake.

The MSM eventually has to run the stories revealed in the blogs, or see the hit-rate of the blogs grow even higher, and their own circulations/viewing numbers plummet faster than they are doing. Otherwise stories like Hain’s, Abrahams. and Conway would have been brushed under the carpet, as things always were under Blair and Campbell in the pre-blog world.

With public anger and despair at the dishonesty and selfishness of MPs at fever pitch, and growing by the week, surely the pressure building up has to cause something to give. MPs no doubt want to hang on to all the swag they’ve creamed off by working the system, and desperately want to regain the kudos they once thought was theirs as of right. But the public are looking for victims to assuage their growing anger. Hain and Conway can only be the first of many more to come.

If not enough MPs are cast out in disgrace to feed the growing rage of the baying mob, or quickly enough, then the public’s fury will soon find new targets to vent itself upon. Maybe, just maybe, the public might suddenly, out of nowhere fix its stare onto the lies and the deceit perpetrated in connection with the Lisbon Treaty being slid though Parliament with no effective debate, and on the breach of the manifesto promises by labour and lib dem to hold a referendum.

The first few cracks appearing amongst the Lib Dems could be an indication that this is becoming the next phase of the public’s final loss of patience with the political class. If MPs are getting jumpy enough, sensing the bloodlust of a raging public, they might at last finally recognise that their own safety, salaries, pensions and self-image will become the price demanded by the public for their past treachery, and deceit. The next election could turn into a bloodbath, postal vote fraud or no postal vote fraud.

History suggests that the British take a long time to get angry, but once they’ve been stirred from their default phlegmatic state, they don’t rest until the cause of their displeasure is firmly and conclusively dealt with. The lion is stirring, and its claws and jaws will devour any prey it fancies.

If I was a Lib Dem or Labour MP in marginal constituency, I would be looking to prepare my defences. A baying mob of raging Brits is looking around for easy targets on which to exact revenge for the failures of the last ten years to deliver an acceptable society in which to live.

The powers that be obviously think they have got it all sown up, with the media as silent as lambs. But somewhere deep down in the gut, it feels that there must be a chance that the stitch-up will come unstuck – unless the British are finally through as a people with no desire to live in a civilised environment, which I very much doubt. With the blogosphere acting as an unplugged and gaping hole in the system of control, the watery flow of high emotion will pour through and escape the trap set by Gordon Brown, Tony Blair and their EU colleagues.

Do MPs want to be hated and despised figures? Do they want to make their seats vulnerable to popular feelings of justifiable anger and the desire to exact revenge on them for ignoring popular feeling, and milking their expenses while doing so?

Are we about to witness an explosion of popular anger which will drive sitting MPs from Westminster by the 100s?

If MPs do not desire these outcomes, they should move and move quickly to head off the growing pressure. They should start by observing the promise they all made at the general election to hold the referendum on the Constitutional Treaty. If they don’t then all MPs who don’t rebel against Gordon Brown’s slimey tactics should become dead meat, and justifiably so.

MP becomes newly defined – Meat Pie.

UPDATE – One MP’s got the message and is acting early.

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