Kosovo Is Serbian

To counter the EU/US propaganda being out out across the world’s media, why not look at some from the other side?

There was no mention in the world’s media of two explosions taking place yesterday except on Al Jazeera, one in Belgrade and on in Mitrovica in Kosovo. The first was in a Slovenian shopping centre (Slovenia holds current EU Presidency), and the second in the building about to be the EU’s headquarters.

There was no mention in the world’s media that the Netherlands have come out against the declaration of independence by Kosovo, saying that they believe the action is being taken too hastily.

After watching these two videos, I can see why Holland might be of that opinion. So could anyone who’s been allowed to know what is really the situation in Kosovo and Serbia. The EU has rushed into a quagmire from which it will find it hard to extract itself. This could be the EU’s version of Iraq.

See CNN Report HERE

Serbia will be threatened with slow accession to the EU for any non-cooperation. That is why the EU thinks it will get away with what it is doing.

But If Russia and China give full support to Serbia as expected, and if the UN and the EU are divided, which they undoubtedly are, then the whole project could become so divisive that the pressures to re-start with a different approach will build. The un-granting of ‘independence’ (in truth Kosovo is being set up as a colony of the EU with little independence at all) will trigger troubles amongst the Albanian population.

EU arrogance has really started a proper mess this time, which will take a lot of undoing.

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