Kissinger. Half Right Is Not Enough.

Europe has emasculated its nation states. Correct. Their power has gone. Henry Kissinger has at least got that bit right. See Richard North’s Half Way House. But he still lives in the hope and expectation that there will be anther half to the story, when the parts of the broken nation states begin to give their loyalty to a powerful central government in Brussels.

Identity to nation states is being replaced, however not with loyalty to the EU, the role of which is not understood or, in many cases even much known about. Loyalties are splitting downwards to local regions.

Power has, for a while gone to the centre, but identity and loyalty are fracturing. If the EU tries finally to grab the identity for itself and its central role, it will find that it is already too diffuse to recapture.

It is more likely that when the EU finally declares itself as the powerful centre of Europe, it will attract hostility from competing regions,each of which will be jealous of any favours granted to others – as with Kosovo.

The structure that was meant to iron out conflict between nation states, has instead ensured that a myriad of regions will be jockeying for advantage one against the other. Commercial competition by nations will be replaced by political power play by regions. It is not a recipe for a peaceful future.

It took centuries to build nation states. They played the role well of suppressing regional rivalries. Their destruction will ensure the fracturing of Europe back into the dangerous petty local rivalries that, in the past triggered wars. In the Balkans especially, rivalry is not petty.

The balkanisation of Europe is being not so gradually achieved, not because it is good for Europe but because it is precisely the aim of the EU. No wonder they are so hasty to start the splitting up process, regardless of legality and consequences. Only coherent nations states would have the strength to withdraw from the EU. The sooner they are split up, the sooner the EU’s power and longer term survival, it believes will be guaranteed.

Without any political identity, or central loyalty, the EU is banking on one thing to hold its empire together – the economic benefits of membership. To a Serbia or a Slovakia these are great at this stage of their development. Access to markets, the right to visas and so on.

But to a highly developed nation, such as Britain, the loss of the ability to manage its own affairs is proving less and less attractive. Countries inside the Euro are experiencing extreme stress, from property boom and busts, high exchange rate, and high inflation for example. Many are beginning to count the costs of their membership.

Internationally, the EU is progressively undermining NATO as in Afghanistan, and the UN as in Serbia. Its economic performance, relative to other parts of the world is woeful.

Henry Kissinger might soon find that he needs a lot more than phone numbers to put all the pieces back together again. It’s hardly surprising. Bureaucracies are rarely anything other than incompetent, corrupt, self-serving entities that suck all the life and wealth out of their subject peoples.

It’s time Henry Kissinger faced up to the realities.

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