It’s Time To Call The EU’s Bluff

It is clear enough from reading The Economist, and other publications that the EU wants to use the threat of money as the way to stop nations leaving. The Lisbon Treaty permits nations to leave the EU if they want, but the Eurocrats in Brussels threaten that the cost of having access to EU markets will be made far higher for Britain than our current contribution, were we to leave. They argue that we would prefer to stay inside once we see the price they will charge us for leaving.

I wonder.

For a start, if Britain decided to open up its markets to the world, the price of most things could tumble. Food. Furniture, Cars. Computers. Clothes. Shoes. You name it. The EU works to keep prices up by negotiating with foreign manufacturers. The reason shopping trips to New York are so amazingly cheap is only partly the exchange rate. The main reason is the US buys in at world prices, and does not insist that its suppliers keep prices up. Outside the EU Britain could also by in at world competitive prices were we to decide to do so.

The threat to European manufacturers would be severe as they would lose much of their share of the UK market which accounts for 16% of Eurozone exports. The UK is the biggest export market the EU has, ahead of the USA. We are not exactly without any bargaining power in any coming negotiation.

If we could liberalise, cut taxes, reduce regulation, boost democracy and cut corruption, our economy would grow at the same kind of rate as the other English speaking countries around the globe – 4/5% instead of the paltry 1/2% achieved by EU countries. Our economy would double in size after 15 years, while those of the eurozone would only double after 40 years.

If the EU wants to charge us GBP 20 billion a year to buy our freedom, it would be a price well worth paying. If they tried to push the contribution up, or refused to lower it over time, we could use our bargaining position as their largest export market, and Europe’s most important financial centre (by far) to push them back into line.

Whatever price they have the cheek to ask, agree to pay it, is my advice. How will they enforce it anyway? Send in the tanks?!

It’s all just bullshit. In the end they will have to be reasonable, much as they cannot cope with the idea. Britain must become the next Switzerland, and establish outside the EU, or drown inside it. There is little doubt which option is the best. All we need is a politician with the courage to start talking about it. OK Brussels tell us. How much is the price of British freedom? Take your time….

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  1. Deft says:

    Good analysis. I would advocate us throwing up temporary tit for tat tarrifs towards the EU states (totally against all my free market beliefs). If UK was to leave EU, then within 10 years its remaining member states would be dieing to kill tariffs on both sides to do business with us again. UK would have the economic upper hand, but nobody seems to realise this here. Pity…

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