An American Who Understands Foreign Policy

From, this former US ambassador to UN John Bolton gives an informed version of what should be happening in Kosovo. If McCain wins the Presidency, Bolton would probably end up as US Foreign Secretary. That makes me a big McCain supporter. After listening to foreign policy nonsense throughout the Bush and Clinton years, there is definitely hope for a better future if people if this quality rise to the top in the US. The world is entering a dangerous phase and needs someone like this in control.

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  1. Tatjana says:

    Bolton’s not the only one of US officials to voice a moderate, mature and reasonable comment on Kosovo issue. However, what they all have in common – ambasadors, spokesmen, senators, soldiers, anyone who was ever involved in any capacity – is they are “former” by the time they start voicing their oppinions, or writting their memoirs. Almost all of them begin with – in retrospect, on mature deliberation, with the benefit of hindsight, etcetera.

  2. tapestry says:

    Kleiverzet reckons this one will be the new Foreign Secretary under a McCain Presidency.

    The new world leadership has to start in America. The EU is a disaster.

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