February Lousy Month For EU

The BBC reports today on how the US has signed a bilateral visa-free travel deal with the Czech Republic, going over the heads of Brussels. The EU has not provided the US with the enhanced security it requires in identifying the risk profile of travellers, while the Czech Republic is willing to do so. The EU is threatening to override this arrangement, but it looks likely to take effect regardless.

Only the week before, the EU and the US tried to back Kosovan independence, but this seems to have been substantially blocked by Russian involvement. The EU has withdrawn its officials from Northern Kosovo shocked by the intensity of the Serb reaction. Talks are scheduled for the NATO meeting in April, where Russia intends to renegotiate what’s being planned by the EU.

Being ignored and overridden by two superpowers in a fortnight is not all that good for the EU’s prestige. On top of the scandal of the expenses of MEPs, and the problems coming to bear on the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty in the British Parliament with Lib Dem walk-out and Labour rebels still trying for a referendum, all in all the EU hasn’t had a great month.

PICTURED. Czech Topolonek negotiating directly with George W. Bush over the heads of the EU.

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