Canada Chokes On European Cowardice

Following on from Richard North’s post on the farcical nature of the EU’s first military deployment in its history to Chad (it was cancelled when threatened with would-you-believe-it the possibility of casualties), comes the expression of frustration from Canada’s Prime Minister Stephen Harper, that Germany, France Spain and Italy are not carrying their fair share of the fighting in Afghanistan, as part of the Nato forces there.

The Wall Street Journal of today states that

‘The Continentals fill up lots of air space at (NATO) policy conferences talking about Europe’s readiness to play a prominent role in global affairs.

The problem is of course that European countries are not willing to take any casualties, so the prominence of their aspired to role in military and strategic matters is curtailed accordingly.

The WSJ continues – ‘though the mission in Afghanistan flies a NATO flag, Germany, Italy and Spain put caveats on their troops, preventing them from leaving more peaceful areas to reinforce the Canadians, and others in the South and East. The Canadians are now…… calling their bluff.’

The US, Britain, The Netherlands and Canada are indeed carrying a disproportionate load. Canada alone has lost 78 soldiers in Afghanistan. It maintains a force of 2500 there, and is now refusing to increase that unless the Euroepan nations start getting down to business and actually doing some of the fighting.

The USA is as usual carrying the load, and is deploying an extra 3200 ‘temporary’ marines to plug the gaps.

European nations, apart from Britain and The Netherlands are displaying the kind of weakness that invites and excites potential enemies such as Russia and Iran.

It’s just another sign of the unreality of the European project that (even though this a NATO force) they imagine they can rely on others to do their dirty work for them while parading their overblown egos around nice comfortable carpeted conferences.

Canada is doing the right thing to be calling their bluff.

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4 Responses to “Canada Chokes On European Cowardice”

  1. kerdasi amaq says:

    The Canadians are there to support the Americans, not Europe. The Americans chose to invade Afghanistan and the Canadians chose to back them up. All the Europeans did was to make a gesture of solidarity, now, the Americans expect them to fight their war for them!

  2. tapestry says:

    The war in Afghanistan is a North Atlantic Treaty Organisation operation.

  3. kerdasi amaq says:

    So what? We know who the dominant power in NATO is! If the European members of NATO had wanted to get involved in Afghanistan, but the US was against it, would NATO be involved in Afghanistan today? I don’t think so.

  4. tapestry says:

    NATO makes decisions by agreement between its members. Germany has just agreed that it will allow some of its troops to be deployed into Helmand or Kandahar provinces, and France is seriously considering increasing her commitment after the NATO meeting just completed in Vilnius.

    The US is the dominant force, but not as much as it is in Iraq.

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