Britain Is Gone

Britain is deleted.

Please do not refer to it any longer.

It is an incorrect term, a late nation, a nation that is no more.

Call it ‘formerly the UK’ if you like, but make no pretence any longer.

It’s gone.

A people that cares not for its continued existence, has already ceased to exist.

Farewell to all that we were. It will never come again.

Don’t create false hopes of others starting to care or to act.

Accept our loss.

Make your new nationality one that is inspired by the greatness of the one that came before. Make not a geographical area, a race, a system of beliefs or a culture your security. Make freedom your new nationality, and live again with the pride that you did in the past. Accept only the good that you know that man is capable of. It is there still, in the world.

But in Britain, it is no more.

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  1. Archie says:

    So sad and so true!

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