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It’s been months since I played any sport. I arrived in Manila in September and finally got round to buying some golf clubs last week. I joined a weekend golfing fraternity known as The Dogs – Dastardly Old Golf Society, and showed up at Intramuros Golf Club on Sunday morning. I needed a name which had to end as ‘something’ Dog for my membership. After finding my early choices of things beginning with H… Dog all gone – I settled on Blog Dog.

The golf was 18 holes around the Spanish fort called Intramuros so a large wall stood the length of every hole bar a few. The air was good – near the sea, and not much traffic on a Sunday.

The game lasted four hours or so, but the socialising went on another five at least. Time evaporated. The beer didn’t.

I’ll see if any politics comes into the brain tomorrow. There certainly is absolutely none in there at all this evening. Couldn’t give a damn about any of it.

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