16 Lib Dem MPs Rebel Over Lisbon

Found on telegraph.co.uk, uploaded at 3.30 am this morning is the following REPORT

Nick Clegg is facing his first serious revolt as Liberal Democrat leader, with a quarter of his MPs defying him over Europe.
The rift, over whether to back calls for a referendum on the European Union treaty, has given hope to campaigners that they could win a Commons vote next month.

This follows on just 5 days after Nick Clegg publicly offered to prop up a minority Conservative government after the next election. The move, which he made without consulting anyone wthin his party, was met with threats of rebellion. Now less than a week later, the splits are becoming reality.

Are we starting to see the thread unravelling at last from the EU stitch-up of Britain?

Will enough break free of Clegg to ensure a referendum on Lisbon takes place? If they is e big enough rebellion, will that encourage wavering labour MPs to join in?

WATCH THIS and no doubt countless other spaces, if this develops.

UPDATE 12 midday. 14th Feb 2008.

According to Richard North, this rebellion won’t happen. It’s too small, and they’ll be crushed anyway as was the Labour rebellion before it. Even if it went ahead, it would be too small to change the basic arithmetic. Neither will there enough votes in the Lords to save Parliament from voting itself into oblivion.

But while this battle is lost, according to Richard, the war is not lost……

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