Ice Shock For Mark Mardell

Mark Mardell, who knows almost everything there is to know about everything, finds it incomprehensible that anyone could not be in agreement with the theories about Global warming and Climate Change that have become fashionable in recent years. He wrote on his euroblog the following post today – link HERE

President Barroso sees the European Union’s plans to deal with climate change as a route to popularity.

He told the European Parliament that it was a great argument for the European Union and shows that the world needs a strong EU.
I am not sure he won over quite everyone in the chamber.
Mr Barroso sat laughing and shaking his head as the UKIP MEP Graham Booth derided the plan. This is part of what he said:
“Climate change is precisely that! Climate changes – ALL THE TIME! So what if Earth’s climate decides to cool down instead of warm up? Will the “experts” then suggest that we must produce much more carbon dioxide to try and offset the cooling?

“Of course not – they are so committed to their present “Global Warming” prediction that that would NOT be an option.
“But, sadly, it looks as if that is what IS happening. IF Global Warming has been just a temporary blip and we are now heading relentlessly for the next (inevitable) Ice Age, any reductions in CO2 emissions will have precisely the OPPOSITE effect to that which is intended.
“And all the fancy calculations of carbon trading, the “benefits” of which are highly doubtful anyway, will be completely pointless.”

Conservative MEP Roger Helmer, a fierce critic of the European Union, also doubts that global warming is caused by human activity.

So does Czech president Vaclav Klaus, and we had quite a discussion about it when we met last year. I was interviewing him, yes you guessed it, about his scepticism towards the European Union.
What is the connection between euroscepticsm and doubts about man-made climate change ?

Maybe Mark Mardell needs to broaden his sources a little, and he might find that it is not only eurosceptics that hold these views. If he spends all his days listening and talking to BBC folk, he will, of course have no doubt at all about the orthodoxy of the Climate Change/Global Warming theories, to the extent that he feels confident to belittle those who dare even to mention that they don’t hold with them.

Eurosceptics not unreasonably don’t like the way that the EU is propagating the climate change/warming scare and then awarding itself political powers sufficient to coerce 500 hundred million people to bankrupt their economies as the only way to solve the supposed Climate problem.

If only Mark and President Barroso spoke to a few others outside the Cult, they would hear that in fact we are faced not with global warming at all, but the imminent arrival of an Ice Age. The Eurosceptic Global Warming Sceptics could well be as right about the weather as they are about the EU.

Just two days before Mardell was blogging and Barroso was laughing at Graham Booth in the EU Parliament, Russian scientists in St Petersburg announced that they believe an Ice Age is imminent. They provide all their arguments and evidence HERE

Now Mark, I hope you’re going to read this with an open mind. I know Barroso won’t be capable of that, but as a BBC top journalist……..

EXTRACT – ST. PETERSBURG, January 22 (RIA Novosti) – Temperatures on Earth have stabilized in the past decade, and the planet should brace itself for a new Ice Age rather than global warming, a Russian scientist said in an interview with RIA Novosti Tuesday.

“Russian and foreign research data confirm that global temperatures in 2007 were practically similar to those in 2006, and, in general, identical to 1998-2006 temperatures, which, basically, means that the Earth passed the peak of global warming in 1998-2005,” said Khabibullo Abdusamatov, head of a space research lab at the Pulkovo observatory in St. Petersburg.

According to the scientist, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the Earth’s atmosphere has risen more than 4% in the past decade, but global warming has practically stopped. It confirms the theory of “solar” impact on changes in the Earth’s climate, because the amount of solar energy reaching the planet has drastically decreased during the same period, the scientist said.

Had global temperatures directly responded to concentrations of “greenhouse” gases in the atmosphere, they would have risen by at least 0.1 Celsius in the past ten years, however, it never happened, he said.

“A year ago, many meteorologists predicted that higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere would make the year 2007 the hottest in the last decade, but, fortunately, these predictions did not become reality,” Abdusamatov said.

He also said that in 2008, global temperatures would drop slightly, rather than rise, due to unprecedentedly low solar radiation in the past 30 years, and would continue decreasing even if industrial emissions of carbon dioxide reach record levels.

By 2041, solar activity will reach its minimum according to a 200-year cycle, and a deep cooling period will hit the Earth approximately in 2055-2060. It will last for about 45-65 years, the scientist added…………


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