Iain Dale Regrets The World He Has Created

I watched the ‘Dale Confronts Heffer’ or ‘Heffer Confronted’ latest on the Conway issue, and was far more interested in Iain Dale’s position than Heffer’s which was much as expected.

Dale said (I paraphrase) : I don’t know if Derek Conway did anything wrong or not.

Heffer’s reply (paraphrased) – which is odd because Derek Conway knows that he did, and has admitted it and apologised for having done so.

Dale: (paraphrased) If it had not been in the middle of a witch hunt about Labour sleaze, Conway would have slid through. It was unfortunate timing….the baying mob….etc etc

THE TRUTH: The public take a long time to get angry about things as basically they can’t be bothered with politicians much anyway.

But when politicos act with such blatant lack of common sense as Conway and Hain, bloggers can whip up public anger, and it’s a good thing that they do.

Funny how Dale the blogger doesn’t like the results of his own work.

Blogs enforce common sense, and provide a forum which previously did not exist. The virtual world is starting to set the standards for the real world, just as Dale at one time said he hoped it would.

Iain Dale, you must realise that what goes around, comes around. You and Tim/Guido have created the new political environment. Your defence of Conway is as if from another era, which has now passed. You are like Oppenheimer regretting the creation of the nuclear bomb.

It’s as if you’re now saying ‘Stop the world. I want to get off!’

It’s too late, Iain. You’ve done it now. In the blogosphere, we are all subject to instant judgement against a yardstick of common sense. And in the UK, it came as much as anywhere from your very own Iain Dale’s Diary.

It could fairly be said that it was you who hung your friend Conway.

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2 Responses to “Iain Dale Regrets The World He Has Created”

  1. Dale came from within the political club. It seems they want to protect their own thieves. Conway must go, and go now.

  2. tapestry says:

    I think he’s gone to all intents and purposes, scorpion.

    The shock of his ‘terminating’ his career will reverberate around Westminster sufficiently (hopefully) to deliver the message the public intends.

    In 2003 when Abrahams was finding his ‘money mules’, corruption was endemic to the Blair system. In 2008, tolerance of corruption has fallen to zero. We want common sense politicians, working hard to manage our country better.

    Stupidity on the Conway/Hain scale will no longer be tolerated.

    Let’s see how the politicians respond. Cameron would do well to appoint people like John Hayes of Cornerstone, honest, sensible, hard-working, capable. The country is ready for such types, and for the Blair/Campbell era of falsehood to blasted to kingdom come.

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