The Silence Of The Sheep

The McCanns released the drawings today of someone they suspect of abducting Madeleine.
Whatever happened to the help promised to them by Gordon Brown? Or is he preferring to keep quiet on the matter now?

Is this what Brown means by European cooperation? Making sure that victims of crime are first ignored, and then accused of abducting their own children, when they refuse to go away and suffer in silence.

The message for those who abduct children for paedophiles is that the governments of Europe fully support you. The McCanns are living proof. They have had to organise their own investigation, in the absence of a Police investigation, and without the political support they were promised by Gordon Brown.

There should be a term in the new EU Constitution guaranteeing that the EU will protect paedophiles from investigation, encoding into law the European practice of ensuring paedophile abducton is not investigated, so that the people of Britain can be quite certain they understand what the EU is all about.

No wonder Brown won’t allow a referendum. Silence and subterfuge is his strategy, just as it is that of the paedophiles. The last thing any of them want is public awareness as to what they are up to.

From earlier post – in which the tendency of European countries to ignore paedophiles and allow them to get with it was looked at.

The current head of the EU Commission, EU President Barroso was previously the Portuguese PM. It was he that ordered an enquiry into the paedophilia that had come to light amongst Portugal’s elite. However Portuguese child abuse experts say that he must have known all about the paedophilia going on before as they had told him often enough…..

From a report ‘After the paedophile allegations were first published, Prime Minister Jose Manuel Durao Barroso ordered an investigation. Jorge Sampaio, the President and a Socialist Party leader, proclaimed, “The impunity which for decades on end has made this case a shame for us all will finally end … Faced with the horror that so many children, who were entrusted to us to be educated and cared for, were victimised it is necessary to declare here that the guilty will be severely punished.”

He implored Portuguese citizens to trust the justice system saying, “We have to hope that our institutions work.”

However, a spokeswoman from Portugal’s Innocence in Danger charity said the organisation had been warning about child abuse for years in Portugal but there had been a virtual “media blackout”.

“It is no good President Sampaio and Parliament sounding off about the problem now and appearing to be knights in shining armour,” the spokeswoman continued. “They, like the police, must have known about the widespread abuse of children in Portuguese institutions for years. They have been warned often enough by charities such as ours but for reasons best known to themselves have remained silent.'”

And now Gordon Brown’s joining the silence. The silence of the lambs comes from the abducted, abused and murdered children. From Brown and Barroso, we hear the silence of the sheep.

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