Conway Tries To Slither Out Of It

Conway’s words of apology to the House included the following –

“I unreservedly apologise to the House for my administrative shortcomings and the misjudgements I made.

“I have let my family down very badly indeed and no judgement from any quarter could be more harsh than that which I apply to myself.”

I would have thought that others could and should judge him far more harshly for milking his expenses to support his family than he has done himself. How could his son who attended Newcastle University have been able to do his studies and carry out a part time role for 18 hours a week in Westminster or at Conway’s Constituency?

If he wants his words about being his own harshest judge to be believable, Conway should immediately resign.

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  1. strapworld says:


    In the Daily Mail Quentin Letts, in his ‘yesterday in parliament’ has quite an insight into this statement.

    I quote.

    “Derek Conway (Old Bexley and Sidcup) made his personal statement at 3.33pm……..”Mr Conway did his best to remove the smile from his face”…

    Letts continues. “Moments earlier Conway had been smirking and joking with Simon Burns, a Tory Whip, just behind the Speakers Chair. Mr Conway also grinned immediately after making the statement.

    Conservative MP’s, rather than avoid the tained Conway, chose to ‘doughnut’ around him in support. Roger Gales (N.Thanet)a discordant figure at the best of times, sat on one side of him, Mark Field (Cities of London and Westminster)arranged his long limbs the other side.

    As soon as Mr Conway finished his brief statement he had his hand shaken heartily by Nigel Evans (Co. Ribble Valley)

    There was no evidence of disgust anywhere!

    SUMS IT UP. We need a complete turn out!

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