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From Boulton & Co’s Sky Blog comes this on Brown’s recent trips to India and China –

As befits a veteran finance minister Gordon Brown takes a financial approach to every issue – what it costs, what it could earn, and how it is organised. He undoubtedly has strong sympathy with the world’s suffering but he doesn’t seem to think In the UK he is keen on setting up policy reviews.

In international politics he is keen on establishing political working parties and fine tuning the workings of institutions such as the United Nations.

Interesting that the British Prime Minister has no interest in managing the UK. Not international enough for him, I suppose. Too local and parochial, it’s beneath him. As for ‘institutions such as the United Nations’, I can think of one that he might be thinking of – the unmentionable EU.

If he has no interest in setting up policy review bodies in the UK, then why does he bother becoming the country’s Prime Minister? Boulton continues…

By his own admission this often seems rather dry but Gordon Brown says its important. He genuinely believes that if political leaders organize themselves better, better policy making will make a better world.

The trouble is according to Boulton is that those on the receiving end of Brown’s visits don’t see him as a significant, important or interesting figure. That contrasts with Blair, who was seen as an important visitor. Also you can imagine these international organisations just itching to have Gordon Brown take them over as Chief Excutive, President or whatever and start to boss them all around, and bore them with his long pompous speeches. Gordon, it ain’t gonna happen, baby.

As he puts it himself in his keynote speech in Delhi: “by working together and advancing a plan to reform our international institutions – we can ensure that globablization brings prosperity, justice and opportunity not just for some people but for all.”

Interesting that Brown sees no role for entrepreneurs who create jobs, or mentions any admiration for the ordinary people whose culture and energy drives up their living standards. He sees only large institutional organisations as having a role – the kind that can regulate and interfere – and the kind that can offer him a job at GBP 1 million plus a year to rival Tony Blair once he graduates from junior school in the British House of Commons.

You can fly Gordon Brown around the world, but the leopard doesn’t change its arrogant, self-obsessed, dull and narrow-minded spots. Apparently Gordon tripped on the carpet after he was interviewed. I guess that that won’t survive the cutting room floor. At least Boulton mentions it on his blog.

Good report, Adam. Thanks.

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