Did Voters Really Re-elect New Labour?

Labour MPs are checking out who will lead them should Brown fail. Why the ‘should Brown fail’? Failure’s the only thing he can guarantee.

If Labour revert to pre-New Labour or ‘Old’ Labour, eurosceptic, left-wing, pro-union, at least they will be an honest party worthy of respect who would enforce the criminal law and not leave society defenceless against immigration, crime, failing schools, hospitals Police and so on.

They should dump all New labour material like Jack Straw, Milliband, Johnson and start again. Not sure about John McDonnell but at least he’d be seen as a genuine person, and not a creator of falseness designed only to make it difficult for the Conservatives to hold power.

That’s the measure of how bad things have become. I’m as right wing as they come – a businessman, a believer in low tax and small state, but even I’d trade Old Labour for the current lot, who are a disaster unparallelled in British political history. Why it’s taken the public 10 years to notice how bad New Labour have been for Britain, I’ve no idea…unless postal voting fraud had a bigger role to play in 2005 than we think.

Postal voting was particularly heavy in marginal constituencies.

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