Fear The Silence

Today’s the day. Everyone’s (North, Helmer, Redwood, Farage, Hannan) writing their own version of how sick they are all feeling, and what has caused things to come to such a pass that the British government can lie and break promises, and that few seem to care. The nation’s existence is being terminated, finally, once and for all, and most people apparently couldn’t give a half of one fig.

My take on these events is equally to feel sickened. To describe my feelings for Gordon Brown as hatred would be to err on the cautious side. I despise him totally. His fate should be appropriate to the treachery he has committed against his own country.

Writing to the readers of today seems a waste of time, given all the words that have already been expressed in defence of freedom by others more knowledgeable, all to no effect. I want to write instead to my infant son so he can understand why I left the UK to live elsewhere in the world, to a place where human life has yet to be crushed by bureaucracy. I want him to understand in twenty years time why he has been born into a different world to the one I decided to leave.

There was one moment of hope, when Britain might have been saved from the mind-numbing traumas it is about to go through. In 2003 there was a leader of a major political party in Britain who despite all media being ranged against him, and much else besides, had the courage to stand up and attack the propaganda and lies being disseminated by the Blair regime, backed as it was all along by Brussels. The ‘quiet man’ articulated a new relationship with Europe, one of independent democracies trading freely with each other. He stood alone against a media totally given over to naivety and corruption, working hand in hand to bring him down, the last serious resistance to what is now about to happen.

Into such a controlled and corrupt environment truth had little chance of being spoken, let alone heard. Lies about Iraq’s weapons were propagated by Alastair Campbell and Blair. Kelly who tried to stop them by exposing the lies was eliminated, and Blair’s lies to the subsequent enquiry were skipped over by a compliant and submissive media.

Even then, despite the evil being witnessed by a shocked nation, there was a chance. Iain Duncan Smith was able to cut through all the panoply of lies and media control to deliver a simple message to ordinary people, who instinctively trusted him. But when the media attacked him, encouraged by Portillo and a traiterous faction within his own party, the majority of his own MPs would not stand firm and show the lying and corrupt edifice ranged against freedom and democracy, that the bullying tactics of the corrupt would not be allowed to win. They failed to back him at the critical moment.

When IDS fell, Britain’s last moment of hope was gone. If only 8 Conservative MPs had seen fit to stand firm, it might have been enough to shake out the rats that have infested Britain’s democracy, and sabotaged it from the inside. Since that moment, bureaucracies have reigned unchallenged and supreme. It will now be a generation before a human voice, a single mind can take on the massed ranks of self-serving bureaucrats who are descending on Britain and the rest of Europe to extract their satisfaction.

Every spoken word will be controlled. Every child will be a statistic and no one will be able to walk unafraid of bureaucratic power, now unopposed across a continent of 400 million people. The human spirit will be progressively crushed until it is finally in silence screaming for release. Tragically there will be casualties in Europe’s inevitable fightback, which will ultimately come once it has sunk into totalitarianism.

The lesson for future generations is that while politicians are jostling for power amongst themselves, and attacking each other, it might not make a pretty sight, but it is a sign that things are OK. You are safe. But once they have found a way all to agree with each other, and appear unanimous and orderly, it is time to not only be afraid but to get out and move away while you still can. Only trouble and big trouble can be the result, once power is concentrated into a few pairs of hands, with no way for voters to kick out the government, and all opposition cowering in silence.

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  1. DchssVal says:

    And where do you think you are going where it will be any better? Have you read about the Asianisation of Australia? About the Mexicans overrunning the USA? The problems in Canada with the immigrants? I sympathise, I really do, but we have to make a stand somewhere – may as well be here.

  2. tapestry says:

    Mexicans are OK in Mexico! etc

    If you are stupid enough to try to take responsibility for a business or your local community or anything else, you soon learn that you are no longer seen as human.

    In Asia the economy is surging. People are still in connection with their simpler origins and bureaucracy as yet is underdeveloped. Politically you can beathe.

    In the UK the brain washig starts early and never stops. I hope your stand succeeds. I’ve tried for fifteen years to oppose, but now prefer to live in freedom, as we used to do in the UK pre-Maastricht.

    Freedom is my only nationality.

  3. True Blue says:

    Don`t despair Dear Taps, they`ll oon be out of office and we`ll have a strong Conservative Government, oozing with all “The Talent” not a “Dying Government of “No Talent”. Believe me , I`ve been around long enough to know this. After all, I`m known for my “White Witchery Skills”, (
    Read the story on my Blog “Take the High Road” and all will be revealed)
    I have never known such an inept group of supercillious, sycophantic idiots.
    There`s a certain desperation in those clinging on to the last vestiges of power. If it wasn`t so pathetic, it would be laughable.

    “Trubes`s Special Spell” (with apolo`s to Will Shakespeare).

    “Double double, toil and trouble”,
    “Begone, I say, Begone”.
    There, that should sort the B…..ds out !

    Happy Christmas “Taps” and every good wish for in 2008.

  4. tapestry says:

    Thanks True Blue. Maybe you are younger than me, and suffer from the optimism that once I too believed was possible.

    Eventually the ship will right again, but not before an awful lot of water has passed. I am seeking freedom where I can find it in the world. I’ve had enough of false democracy.

    Why play the game they want you to play? Just go.

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