Brown’s Slimy Attack Against The Vulnerable Must Be Stopped

The sending home of a few thousand care-givers by Gordon Brown in his efforts to look tough on immigration is going to backfire. The details of the story are well described yesterday by Richard North on the main EU Referendum Blog HERE.

As North says, Britain cannot do anything about the millions of EU immigrants coming to our shores, including many who have come into the EU from other parts of the world such as Brazilians who easily gain access via Portugal, or Columbians via Spain. Under EU rules neither are we able to repatriate seriously violent criminals, even when they have convictions in Britain, which prompted Cameron to promise the repeal of the Human Rights Act.

While keen to sign away all control over British affairs to Brussels under the new Constitution, and lose all ability to decide who will and who will not live in the UK, , Brown still needs to appear resolute against immigration, as he knows that popular opinion is concerned by the influx of so many immigrants, overwhelming our education, health, police and criminal justice systems. Always in search of a good headline, and especially now while stories of corruption and lies are becoming a normal daily event for Gordon Brown’s regime (none of it anything to do with him you understand), Brown has found some suitable victims to fit his political requirements.

By making it illegal to pay care-givers from countries ike the Philippines a competitive rate, which has 2000 care-givers in Britain affected by this and about to lose their jobs, Brown has found a slimy way to push a small number of politically and economically vulnerable people out of the UK, to satisfy his own political requirements.

The damage his is doing to Britain’s reputation round the poorer countries of the world does not seem to bother him, even though President Arroyo of the Philippines has just completed her visit to Britain, where she raised this issue with the Queen.

David Cameron must surely see that this is another area in which Brown’s stealthy and slimy approach to managing our society is totally inappropriate, and it should be strongly and forcefully opposed. These people came to Britain in good faith to perform tasks they were asked to do for a set period of time. In the middle of their contracts, Brown wants to alter the rules so they are forced out of a job and have to go home. It is simply wrong to treat people like that.

If Brown wants to develop a proper immigration policy, and not sign away our ability to control immigration to the EU, then he should do so. He should not make victims out of couple of thousand Philippino care workers purely to get a good headline for himself. It makes you feel ashamed to be British.

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