Mythology For The Myth-Busters?

In Peter Hitchens review of Booker and North’s latest publication, Scared To Death in the Sunday Mail, he mentions the way these two authors consistently blow up the myths of the age, such as Al Gore’s false facts about climate change. He says that, in doing that they are ’embarassing to their friends’.

Richard North’s reaction to the phrase is that he is not sure how to react to it.

My advice in the comments to Richard is ‘That must surely be included in your blog banner.

Truth is never fashionable. Every era lives on its myths. Your job is to spoil the party.

Your intelligence insists that you cannot fill your head with the half-thought through dross that feeds the MSM. If you don’t broadcast your analysis to correct the mythology, you would be miserable and also lonelier.

Only by bashing away on the blog and writing books, can you increase the numbers of people who can see the distortions circulated by those who seek power by inspiring unnecessary fear.

If you kept silent, your friends would be less in number, and no more loyal.

The danger for the truth-teller, and the myth-buster is that you are the killjoy. After all, everyone loves to go to a horror movie, and read of things that terrify but have not yet occurred, or that occur somewhere else.

By wearing phrases like Hitchens’ ’embarrassing to their friends’ you don’t lose any credibility. You merely become more human and interesting. It positions you in the marketplace.

The truth has a habit of being embarrassing, so why not accept Hitchens’ label, and build on it. ‘Sorry to be a bit embarrassing but……’ – or ‘sorry to spoil the show…’ could be your catchphrase.

While killing other peoples’ myths you need to create some mythology or persona of your own. A grey almost anonymous identity is not good enough. By writing ’embarrassing to your friends’ Hitchens is trying to give you you a hook, a way to explain yourself….a way for people to perceive you.’

But of course a professional myth-buster will always have a problem permitting a myth to grow about themselves.

Booker (Pictured at top) and North must ever be nondescript, and never part of the glitterati.

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2 Responses to “Mythology For The Myth-Busters?”

  1. Elaib Harvey says:

    Knowing both of them I feel your instruction is superfluous

  2. tapestry says:

    I’m always amazed how few people have heard of Christopher Booker. They both should be national figures.

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