What To Make Of Labour Rumours?

Cherie Blair is clearly feeling the heat these days, recently walking out of a SKY TV interview only at the mention of Mrs Thatcher. What could lie behind her lack of composure? Is she feeling the loss of power too keenly?

Or is she worried that long-kept secrets about herself and her relationships are starting to leak out.

The relationships between the key NuLab characters was recently put into a new light by comments made by Clarissa Dickson Wright, of Two Fat Ladies fame, when she was interviewed by Mary Wakefield in The Spectator on 8th September. Clarissa had been a barrister in an earlier life, and had shared Chambers with many prominent New Labourites before they went into politics.

Her first revelation of interest – ‘Cherie Blair was always jumping on Derry Irvine.’ Mmm. OK. So the subsequent PM’s wife was hot on the subsequent Lord Chancellor – interesting. Of course his appointment would clearly have been based entirely on professional grounds, but this is a major revelation, is it not? And curious that the MSM, who must have known this for donkeys years, had never seen fit to mention it before.

Oh well. I doubt that need worry Cherie unduly.

But what about Clarissa’s next item of interest – about Tony? – as follows –

‘He got on conspicuously well with all the male junior clerks. Everbody knew it.’ and his nickname was Miranda as a result, from the scene in The Tempest when Miranda sees the sailors.

Well this is quite a revelation, Clarissa. Tony Blair was and therefore is gay.

Of course if it had been a Conservative politician let alone PM, such a story would be splattered all over the Red Tops. But some how this factor about the Blairs has gone unmentioned throughout until now, and even then it hardly gets a side mention in an article about Clarissa’a dramas which certainly are not dull, but could hardly be called as as newsworthy as Tony Blair’s sexuality.

No wonder Cherie’s getting a bit jumpy as these revelations will all be appearring in Clarissa Dickson Wright’s memoirs, judiciously entitled ‘Spilling The Beans’ which have just been published.

Any More Items Of NuLab News?

If Tony’s gay, and it appears that he is, and we know that Mandelson is of course, could the extreme hatreds between the Blairs and Gordon Brown also have another dimension yet to be revealed? I heard the NuLab regime in its early days referred to as the ‘Gay Mafia’, and wondered who that might include. I am not totally surprised about Blair to be honest, as it had crossed my mind before. I now find myself having similar thoughts about late marrying Gordon. Anything to report about him, Clarissa? I don’t think much else would surpise us now.

There is also this short extract from Andrew Marr’s recent and excellent ‘A History Of Modern Britain’ (MacMillan 2007) –
‘There was Mandelson, the brilliant but temperamental former media boss, by now an MP. Once fixated by Gordon Brown, he was adored by Blair and returned the sentiment.’ Strong words, Andrew.


Alastair Campbell’s Diaries are a monstrous size, and expensive at UKL 25.00 (no pound signs in Asia where I am writing)

However they reveal a lot.

One noticeable element is the way Derry Irvine is so influential, especially on matters concerning the Blair household. Derry, for example strongly defended the choice of schools, the Oratory, despite Campbell’s attempt to persuade the Blairs to avoid the political citicism this choice would entail.

You could be forgiven for imagining that Derry Irvine was like the real father of one or two of the children, the relationship seems so close.

Whatever the situation, I wish them all well.

The Blair household was never going to be a boring conventional one.

Somehow Cherie’s held it all together and made it work.




Tony at similar age


Derry Irvine



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4 Responses to “What To Make Of Labour Rumours?”

  1. The Huntsman says:

    Here is another view of this story through another corner of the prism:


    I was doing Bar Finals at the same time as Blair. He had a reputation as a complete and utter tit Someone described him as a “w***** on the make”)

  2. tapestry says:

    A lot of jealousy no doubt from people who knew him, and anger from those he let down. But he cannot be called dull, that’s for sure.

    Now he’s gone as PM, I think many will come to regard him with affection as a person, but with less than that for the mess Britain has got into under him and Gordon Brown.

  3. I must say, in the annals of political conspiracies this is pretty pitiful stuff. Blair’s always been a fey creature, and I feel sorry for any man who has had to put up with Cherie’s unwanted, er, ambitions.

    Blair is and always has been an empty vessel and a hollow construct. Personally I think any attempt to flesh out Blair the man, by making him gay or otherwise, is bound to fail. He’s not a real person. There is hardly any “there” there.

    Like a true Marxist he is merely the product of larger socio-political forces that he has always been powerless actually to control. It would be nice to think that there was some principle to the man, even if it amounted to nothing more than some perverse sexual tastes. But there wasn’t and it didn’t, and that is the real tragedy not just of Blair himself but of the entire Blair era.

  4. tapestry says:

    I imagine Blair was ambitious too. His era leaves a numb feeling, a kind of sadness, you are right. It would be nice to wish the whole thing away, but it happened – and in a way is still happening with Gordon another character of total ambition, another media creation with little substance in reality.

    I approached the topic with an open mind, by reading what Alastair Campbell writes, and looking between the lines and at other evidence.

    I don’t think anyone is ready to know the truth about Blair.

    It’s too humiliating to realise that we were all so successfully conned, and for so long – and with Brown we are still being.

    Blair and Brown were/are a fiction, manufactured with the help of a left-leaning media desperate to end Conservative rule. As so often in life, the truth is far stranger.

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