Lack of Competition Is Killing The NHS

Guiliani has commented that in the US private medicine cures prostate cancer more effectively than the NHS. One in 5 die of the disease in the US, while 57% of Brits do. He comes to the conclusion that socialised health is none too healthy.

The NHS is fine in theory. It’s high up there in the list of cliche-ed good things – motherhood, apple pie, and the NHS. In practice it is a deception practised on a people. It claims to be a comprehensive health system – ‘go and see your GP’ etc. But what they don’t tell you is that your GP is not permitted to diagnose certain illnesses, that his medical knowledge advances at the pace of a snail, and the service he has available is strictly rationed.

If you wish to seek further help, which in many cases is necessary, you cannot, without being referred by your GP. His referrals are strictly limited. If you don’t have an illness covered by targets, in many cases, you might as well go home and die – or go abroad where you can be told the truth.

I owe my health and maybe my life (I am 53) to abandoning the NHS and getting treated abroad.

The country i live in now is much cheaper, and going abroad is not only a choice for rich people to take – but many more people in future will have to quit the UK purely because it doesn’t have a national health service. It has a national lie, because no one dares to tell the truth – that the NHS is a very limited health service, and in reality is becoming tantamount to a National Health Prevention Industry.

It is not only prostate cancer, which Guiliani has noticed, but nearly every illness, where your chances are better away from the NHS. Your doctor is told to lie to you in the UK, by the quango that runs his industry – the National Institute of Clinical Excellence. Doctors for example were told to tell people they had ME, when they had Lymes Disease which they were not even allowed to test for. 25% of people who are told they have ME in fact have Lymes, which is an infectious virus, according to one expert, and they are not being treated.

If you wish to research other alternatives for your own health, when you are being told by your GP that ‘there is nothing wrong with you’ or ‘that you are depressed’, where do you start? If after much wasted time, you try anyway despite being told continuously by the doctor, who you once trusted that ‘there is nothing wrong’, you will find that you are not able to get other help without a GP referral – and he/she will be unwilling to give you one as they’ve already decided you’re not going to be treated.

The only way out of the bind is to get out of the UK. Even then you are not guaranteed to find a good doctor, but at least you will not be continually lied to as part of a government-run programme, and you at least have a chance of finding a remedy to your illness.

The NHS needlessly causes the deaths of tens of thousands of people every year. I had heart problems and was arriving in resusucitation where they were able (clearly) to stop me dying. When I asked what was the matter, they said ‘come back in 3 months’ and we”ll see. I then collapsed again, fortunately in another country the next time, where they were aghast that I had not been given magnesium intravenously, as that in many countries now is standard procedure for heart patients.

In the UK they don’t do this. God knows why…except for farm animals. When they collapse, the vet invariably reaches for the magnesium.

In my case, my heart started to improve from the moment I had the magnesium shot. Before that it was downhill all the way.

If you want to live, in the UK, and you’re a heart patient, it seems you have to see a vet. Animals get private medicine, because farmers lose money if they die, so an injection costing around UKL 20 a time is given. Not though to British human beings, who, for reasons of bureaucracy, are clearly regarded as expendable, unless their illness is covered by a government target.

If you don’t mind dying for the lack of a simple teatment costing UKL 20, then you can reasonably continue to back the NHS. Otherwise the NHS shouldn’t be allowed to get away with such gross negligence causing tens of thousands of unnecessary deaths every year. Guiliano has spotted merely the tip of the iceberg.

It wouldn’t be so bad if the NHS explained to everyone that they were only a limited health service, and if people want to seek alternatives elsewhere, they should not be lied to, or prevented from doing so. A little modesty would be a start.

In the end, there is only one logical answer to the problem. The government should publish international health statistics before asking the people in a referendum if alternative health providers should be allowed to operate in the UK as well as the NHS. It is surely time for the NHS monopoly to be ended, not least for the sake of the NHS which cannot and is not coping with the health demands of the nation. It’s becoming a self-serving industry that even many of the people working in it, have little respect for. Enough people have died needlessly already, and NHS bureaucracy is not facing up to the reality of its failures. There was never a clearer need for competition. It is time for a political party to bring this issue to the top of the political agenda.

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