MSM Fear The Post-Bureaucratic Age

There’s plenty of smoke drifting across the political blogosphere at the moment. There’s heat building in there, but no one’s looking to detect the source as yet.

The MSM are straining every phrase to write and rewrite the same political non-news story. Every columnist is writing ‘Gordon Brown’s Not Up To It. You Read It Here First’. I’ll list them out for you once I’ve finished writing this piece. It’s almost comical to see them all at it, as the evidence for Brown’s incompetence – in particular his inability to deal with those inconvenient things called human beings – stretches back well over a decade, and it was only a question of time for this fatal flaw to show once Labour made the mistake of allowing him to become leader.


Matthew Parris
Martin Kettle
Martin Bright
Tim Hames
even Trevor Kavanagh of The Sun has finally got it! See his earlier embarrassment
any others you can think of?

It’s only the MSM who need to keep narrating in shocked tones that Brown doesn’t cut the mustard, and is dysfunctional as regards leadership because it was the MSM who had spent ten years penning what a genius Brown was in the first place, despite all the evidence to the contrary. They now need to go through a period of appearing shocked that Brown is hopeless to cover their tracks. Apparently Brown reads lots of books, which was enough to convince them all of his great mind.

The ‘Brown is a genius’ was only spin put out by Alastair Campbell to cover up the appalling relationship Brown maintained with Blair, and why Blair put up with it. In fact it was Blair’s weakness that permitted Brown to remain in place. Blair said of Clare Short – ‘She makes a lousy friend, but she’d be even worse as an enemy’. It could equally have been said of Gordon Brown, and yet more so. The rotten apples sometimes get tolerated in the box of politics but they never make leaders. Common sense would have told the commentariat that, but I guess common sense is what the MSM is mostly lacking, all being highly educated and approaching the genius level themselves.

Before we all get totally bored reading yet more flamboyant prose exposing the lack of perceptiveness of MSM writers, can I ask if anyone is interested in something else – other than watching Brown’s descent which in truth is as fascinating as watching a burst balloon. OK you watch, but there hasn’t been a burst balloon yet in history which didn’t eventually hit the floor.

The point is that when the balloon hits the floor, the party’s not over. It’s just the start of a new game. That is the interesting thing to think about. Will it be musical chairs, or a sack race?

Labour, for example, might be so relieved to be rid of Brown and Blair, plus Mandelson, Campbell and Prescott that they opt for a totally different direction. Only Milliband is left from the original New Labour line -up, and he’s not going to persuade Labour MPs to go through it all again, ignoring the Party’s core beliefs while government collapses into disrepute. Labour might even revert to where it was in 1994, and become a eurosceptic party once more, outflanking Cameron and pleasing its long suffering MPs who want to get back to some good old traditional left wing policies. Couldn’t someone write about what will Labour do next?

The Conservatives have been waiting for the New labour machine to collapse. Well now it has. OK Brown’s still in the bunker while the edifice crashes down around him. It won’t be long and he’ll face a choice of either a noble departure, such as a resignation after a Commons defeat or maybe the chop from within his own ranks (Jack Straw interviewed on TV yesterday said “Though I am completely detached from the Northern Rock business and the missing HMRC discs I’m sure Gordon and Alistair are dealing with it as well as possible”.) Two more years of the level of catastrophy now revealing itself across government is impossible to imagine. Something will intervene.

The smoke that’s visible around the blogs (look at Comments on Previous Post ‘Dale Versus North’ for a good example!) is not just Labour Party ashes smouldering. There are a few Tory fires lighting up too. Which way will Cameron move next is the big question, as his options become greater the smaller the Brown balloon shrinks? Seeing Iain Dale’s suggestion about an In/Out EU Referendum being roasted around the blogs tells you something. If the idea was completely ludicrous, no one would have bothered with it much. Just had a laugh.

But blogger after blogger breathed in the suggestion, and found themselves choking on the smoke. It had tweaked something deep in the subconscious – a primevil fear – that after so long in captivity, freedom might be only a few steps away. Animals that are released into the wild for the first time, often crouch in anxiety, and snarl at their releasers. It’s as if all are aware, in Hague’s words that ‘things cannot go on like this much longer’ – and yet no one can quite bring themselves to look at what that actually means. What will freedom look like, and feel like?

The missing link is courage – the courage to hope and aim for better – to shape the future. Labour, Conservative and Lib Dem will soon be free of the New Labour regime, but most are still locked up and suppressed by its lingering spell. The prospect of release is almost too much to take in.

Yet the first people to stop writing about Brown and his uselessness,and the first to allow the emotions to run, to hope and dream of freedom from the appalling loss of our once proud hospitals, police, schools, businesses and the general civility of our country, will set the course of a new tranquillity and contentment. When will the media start to imagine what David Cameron’s Post Bureaucratic Age will be like?

For Cameron’s dreams to become reality, first Brown must burn, and smoke yield to flame. Thoughts in the MSM of the future must wait as that is going to be too good a story for any news commentator to miss. Expect a lot more elegant prose telling us what we already know – that Brown is failing – and very little from the MSM daring to think about how the world will soon be. The blogs and other new media will have to make up the gap.

UPDATE – I’ve found one columnist who’s on the trail.

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