The Real McCann Story At Last – Nearly

I’ve been writing regularly since 9.9.07 about the McCann tragedy on my typepad blog, prompted by the injustice of the Portuguese Police accusing Kate McCann of involvement in her own daughter’s death.

I’ve had thousands of visitors who’ve come to read about the problems Portugal has with paedophiles, with its leading politicians’ personal involvement in paedophilia, and the unwillingness of any of them to bring the powerful paedophiles to justice.

This weekend, at last a major British newspaper has decided to start making the same revelations that I’ve been making here for the last two months.

The only thing is, the Mail could have made even more revelations about which politicians were involved in covering up the paedophilia being practised in Portugal. The ex-PrimeMinister of Portugal, Jose Barroso is now the Head of the EU Commission. Long suspected of corrupt practices – (Roger Helmer MEP was unjustly suspended from the EPP and the Conservatives for challenging him in the EU Parliament about corruptiion), questions have never been asked in public as to how far his involvement in covering up for paedophiles went.

It would seem fitting indeed that the new nation of Europe should be started with a corrupt, paedophile-sympathiser at its head. As he refuses to answer any questions about alleged corruption, or involvement with paedophile cover-ups, and as he is assured of blanket media support, given hs powerful position, the media will probably not cover this aspect of the Portuguese paedophile story.

But those interested in how the McCann fiasco ever happened in the first place, will be interested, as would the public of the world, if only they knew. What hope is there of a civilized society, when the political leaders in power over us are so compromised, and unwilling to speak out to protect the innocent such as Madeleine McCann, or listen to her cries?

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