Polly Toynbee Ducks The Issue Of Her Own Credibility

here is the link to Toynbee’s article – http://www.guardian.co.uk/commentisfree/story/0,,2189461,00.html

Brown has a higher agenda than anything political – his own emotional needs. Like all bullies, he cannot lead, and falls to pieces once the boot is on the other foot.

The media like Polly Toynbee have spent ten years telling us he’s a genius. Why should we listen to her any longer? Brown is a disaster from which Labour will take a long time to recover – and so unfortunately might Britain.

Until Polly Toynbee and her ilk explain why they have been so badly conned by Brown, they are discredited as serious commentators. If they try to duck the issue of their own credibility (as Toynbee is trying to do), then they too are no better than Brown.

Her words were as follows only recently – ‘Twice a year Gordon Brown fills his party’s sails with pride. His tornado
of facts and figures magics up images of untold national wealth and success.
Standing at the dispatch box, the towering superiority of his brain makes
intellectual pygmies of his opponents………………………………………………… now we see Toynbee for what she really is –
an intellectual pygmy in her own right!!!!!

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