MPs Are All We have Left

Daniel Kawczinski, Chairman of The Inter-Party Group of MPs Demanding A Referendum On The Constitution

The fact that not one candidate will offer a referendum on the Constitution, to me, suggests that the Lib Dem are not operating as an independent political party.

There must be repercussions if any Lib Dem dares to oppose the EU.

Hague in the Conservatives acts as if he expects repercussions which he fears, if he allows any genuine opposition to the EU within the Conservatives.

What kind of repercussions are these? Threats of a financial nature, to personal security, to blackmail or to exclusion?

Political commentators assume politics is still about democracy. It is more likely that our democracy has become a sham, as has our Parliament.

It is allowed to be played out to keep the public from noticing what is actually happening.

I am not sure about general elections being genuine, with postal vote fraud clearly a factor, and with recent electoral changes permitting ballot boxes to be stored overnight, and counted the next day, the possibility of ballot box tampering now as well.

I am not sure that political parties are operating as free agents either.

Brown ignores public opinion, and dumps his referendum pledge. Nothing happens except Blair becomes President of Europe.

Isn’t it time the blinkers fell from the eyes?

You think you’re watching a traditional political process. It still looks and sounds something like one, but really power is coming not from the voters any more, but from somewhere else……

The media are caving in. The Mail. The Telelgraph. Belatedly Murdoch’s putting up resistance, but it’s all a bit late. The only hope now is not from Party leaderships, or from the media, or even elections, but from individual MPs willing to rebel.

Conservatives, against Hague.
Labour against Brown.
Lib Dems against Clegg.

It’s time for the groups of MPs in each of the main parties who feel that the rot has gone too far, to reach across to each other, and form a non-party majority to retain the power of Parliament. They could sit together, despite being from opposing camps on all other matters. Let the Quentin Davies’ run to Gordon Brown and Nick Clegg. But those who still believe in our nation before they believe in socialism, liberalism or conservatism, should reach out to each other, and stand firm. This is Britain’s only hope. Or the corrupt elites of Europe will divide and rule, imposing demigods to lord it over us – Blair, Brown and their puppets, for years to come.

Two key members of the Cross Party group of MPs who believe there must be a referendum on the Constitution are
Daniel Kawczinski (Conservative) and Gisela Stuart (Labour). If they can build the cross party rebellion against all their respective leaderships, for a grand alliance of MPs from all parties to enforce the referendum on the Constitution, there is still no need for Brown to succeed.

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