The Media Awakes

I wrote yesterday that all we have is MPs standing between us and the termination of our country. It is true that only a majority in Parliament – 325 MPs – can stop Gordon Brown from carrying out his desire to push the Constitution through. But there is another factor.

The media have universally been hopeless in their risk assessment of a Brown Prime Ministership. Murdoch’s media invariably described Brown as a ‘genius’ before he assumed the leadership. Commentators like Lord Rees Mogg in The Times described him as a eurosceptic, and many writers and commentators actually believed there was a good chance Brown would bring an end to Blair’s selling out to the EU, despite the clear evidence that Brown was a europhile, merely acting as a eurosceptic, produced over many years by people like Dan Hannan.

Rees Mogg now says that it is 5 minutes past midnight now as regards the EU Constitution, and its ratification, and shows no remorse that it was commentators such as himself misreading Brown that has contributed to the fiasco that Britain now faces.

It is now though, as if all the blinkers have been removed, and the media are seeing Gordon Brown clearly for the first time, and they at last see the danger he represents, apart from the BBC of course, which was lost to reason many years ago, It is such a big change to read in the media the things that eurosceptics have been saying ever since Maastricht and before. Take for example this exract from Rees Mogg from today…

Last week Mr Brown accepted the reform treaty but he has backed out of his party’s commitment to a referendum, on the false pretence that the two treaties are different. This is not an action in good faith. If he persists in it, he deserves to be removed from office. For a man to obtain an advantage by a trick is inherently dishonest. For a prime minister to do so destroys his covenant of trust with the people he is governing.

Most of the parliamentary gossip is not concerned with the morality of the Prime Minister’s conduct, though there is a moral issue. In the lobbies they ask the pragmatic question: “Can he get away with it?” I am not sure that he will. It is quite unusual for a prime minister to be distrusted or despised by a significant part of the population and regarded essentially as a cheat.

Why has it taken so long for the media and the intelligentsia like Rees Mogg to see what is happening, when many lesser minds could see what was in store years ago?

It is, looking forwards and not backwards to what might have been, good to at last read the unadorned truth about the way Britain is being sold down the river. It soothes the emotions at this horrible time, when democracy in Europe is teetering on the edge, and Islamist terror edges step by step towards a far worse manifestation than we have yet seen.

I am writing in Manila overlooking the Glorietta shopping centre that was blown to pieces last week with hundreds of casualties. I walk or rather walked through it every day as did maybe one million Philippinos. The story barely gets a mention in the Western media, and the numbers killed are likely to be far higher than the 8 people reported so far. On the same day, Benazir Bhutto bravely returned to Pakistan to face death threats and assassination attempts to try to turn the world around in her country of origin. And on, there seems to have been some kind of actual terrorist threat against the London Dome, not reported in the media.

Whilst world order, and the stability of western democracy face such appalling threats, it is this week reported in the German media that most Germans are questioning their country’s deployment in Afghanistan ( The media there are propagating a false presentation of the risks that Germany and the west are facing. Angela Merkel the driving force behind the EU Constitution, and the ending of the political existence of 25 democratic european countries, is at the same time unwilling to contemplate the likely result of Pakistan, Afghanistan and Iran becoming active centres for promoting worldwide terrorism. She never mentions her country’s troops that are deployed, or Afghanistan, as if the whole thing had nothing to do with her. The mental block which permeates the EU and locks its thinking into the past, combined with its denial of current risks, is extremely dangerous.

The mess we are in is partly of our own making, in that too many people have been in denial of what is actually happening for far too long. This is greatly encouraging to our enemies, both those who would either kill us, or remove our democratic freedoms. Those people like William Hague, who always tries to find the middle ground, and fudge any issue, or Rees-Mogg who see history clearly, but today’s events with inadequate perspicacity, are at last waking up.

That is fine, and good. But while the right wing commentators and politicians are now awaking, and seeing the mess we are in, the left wing media seems determined to bury its head ever more firmly in the sand. If labour MPs are going to rebel in sufficient numbers to bring a successful vote in Parliament and force Brown to hold the referendum, then papers like the Independent and the Guardian have also got to make a leap of understanding….and Lord Dacre, Brown’s mate at the Mail.

But if at last commentators like Rees Mogg who should have spotted Gordon Brown years ago, are now waking up to him, it is encouragement enough for one day. It brings hope that tommorrow will reveal more people willing to quit the comfort zone and smell the fear of what will happen if we don’t act now to save our democracy and our way of life. As the media moves its position, this must gradually move that of Labour MPs who face a difficult choice – loyalty to Gordon Brown, whose stock is plummeting, or loyalty to their own survival and that of their country.

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