Gordon Brown Encourages Britain’s Enemies

As if Gordon Brown wasn’t already showing up as indecisive and unreliable with his election wobbles, and last minute tax policy alterations, it is becoming more than apparent that the Americans no longer bother with asking Brown anything much these days.

Trying to get another couple of percent lead in the opinion polls, he played with the timetable for withdrawal of troops from Iraq, double counting numbers of soldiers previously withdrawn, and announcing again withdrawals previously announced. By performing this most pathetic example of political spin yet seen in British politics, Brown not only instantly lost the respect of the British electorate. He also lost any confidence the USA had left in Britain as a partner in the Middle East, at the same time.

It is now the USA and France that are allied firmly against Iran’s nuclear programme, threatening the use of force if Iran continues to ignore requests to cease the production of nuclear material, that many fear will be used to build a bomb. Britain is no longer even mentioned. If Blair was still in place, Britain would be standing shoulder to shoulder with the USA and France, showing all potential enemies that they will face a powerful political and military force if they take us to the brink.

If Britain and France were backing the US, and not France alone, that would be putting pressure on Germany to join in a coalition, and the world would have been one step closer to seeing Europe and America working in tandem vis a vis the terrorist threat as they should be. As it is, Europe is only able to work with the USA one country at a time. Brown’s vision for a safer Britain clearly does not take into account the idea of strength in numbers.

We’ve stuck it out in Iraq, until the USA has finally worked out the best way to deal with internal Iraqi politics, and is now saving many lives in the process. Within a few weeks of Gordon Brown taking over as PM, we have thrown away the defence advantages that the Iraq deployment brought to us. We had shown potential enemies that the USA is not alone in being willing to fight. Western strength is very much needed these days, and we should now be standing together, not sliding off and hiding as Brown is now doing.

Brown has weakened the Labour Party. He has also made Britain look weak in the face of Putin strutting his influence and power around the Caspian Sea, and offering words of encouragement to Iran’s President Ahmadinejad as he ignores the wishes of the West.

The pathetic election antics of Brown have significance beyond our shores. They show that Britain is now a weak party in Middle Eastern affairs. That can only encourage the bullies like Putin and Ahmadinejad of Iran. Brown far from making Britain and the West more secure, as he claimed he would, has weakened our key alliance with the USA at a critical moment, and sacrificed all the goodwill and respect (acquired despite Brown’s desperate underfunding of the armed forces) we built up during the Iraq War.

Brown is not only a prospective electoral disaster for Labour. He’s an economic and strategic disaster for Britain and our allies, making the world a poorer, and crucially less safe place. His response to economic crisis has been as equally inappropriate as it has to military crisis. Hopefully Labour MPs will bring his time as PM to an abrupt halt in the coming vote on the EU Constitution.

As for Brown’s coming EU negotiations, if the EU cannot deliver security benefits by acting together against major external threats, then why bother with it at all? The New Thatcher…? LOL

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