EU President Enabled Portugal’s Paedophiles To Operate

The Portuguese Police seem to be preparing to abandon the false accusations against the McCanns as they clearly are not working. The idea of making the allegations was presumably to buy silence, and draw away the attention of the world’s press from Portugal’s uniquely appalling record of paedophilia, where for years the rich and powerful have abused children while the police and the Portuguese Government did nothing to stop them.

One Portuguese Prime Minister who must have known what was going on all those years was Jose Barroso, now President of the EU Commission.

With the media in the UK no longer willing to keep silent about Portugal’s record of permitting politicians to abuse children, it is becoming a waste of time for Portugal’s paedophile protectors to carry on with the false accusations.

The accusations are not working in buying silence, and merely making people frustrated, puzzled and angry.

It’s time to stop harrassing the McCanns and instead go and ask Jose Barroso, the President of the EU commission, what he knew about Portugals’ disgusting record on paedophilia when he was Portuguese Prime Minister, and why he never acted or spoke out to try to stop what is going on there.

If the man at the top cannot answer questions and be accountable, it is not surprising that the rest of the country is a dangerous place unfit for civilized and trusting people like the McCanns to visit.

People will only be reassured when they see someone taking the rap, being prepared to take some responsibility. If Jose Barroso merely washes his hands, and hides himself away Gordon Brown-style, then the Mail should carry on publishing to the world what they know about the goings-on in Portugal.

Only with the truth coming out will any justice be possible, and kids might start to get the government’s protection in Portugal, instead of the paedophiles.

It would only be right for the world to know if the new Europe is going to be paedophile-accommodating like Portugal and Barroso, before they bring their kids over. If the McCanns had had any inkling, I doubt they would be where they are now. The media should not remain silent any longer.

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