British Government Gets Behind Portugal’s Desperate Attempt to Frame the McCanns

Is the following likely six months after the event? Just ask yourself?

A bloody footprint found in Kate and Gerry McCann’s holiday apartment has a ‘moderate chance’ of matching a print found on the back door of their hire car, according to tests carried out by UK forensic scientists. The existence of the two marks is apparently at the heart of renewed suspicion that the couple were involved in their daughter’s disappearance.

(Mail on Sunday)

It’s far more likely that a deal’s being done on the quiet between the British and Portuguese governments to bury this case. It is doing so much damage to Portugal’s reputation, and they desperately need a way to get themselves off the hook. As members of the Portuguese government have paedophile form, they have a long way to go to establish credibility and convince the world they are serious about dealing with paedophile abduction.

Last week the Portuguese arrested a large number of Portuguese internet paedophiles, but you can be sure that none of the paedophiles high up in government previously implicated, have been hauled in.

This case won’t die. EU governments seem to think the only way to sort it is to get the McCanns safely behind bars. And it seems like the British government is getting to the point of assisting with this plan – however unlikely the evidence which they are ‘discovering’, nearly six months after the abduction took place.

See whose backside might be in need of a little protection.

Kate Mccann is not allowed to say anything under Portuguese secrecy laws, now she has been made a possible suspect. That is probably why the Portuguese are carrying with the ludicrous accusations against the McCanns without evidence.

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