Labour MPs! – The Ball’s In Your Court.

Many are pessimistic about Labour MPs and their willingness to fight against the EU Constitution when it comes down to the vote in Parliament.

I’m not so sure. History tells us that Labour MPs are more likely to fight for firmly held beliefs than Conservatives.

In the 1940 War cabinet, for example it was the Labour members who backed Churchill’s call to fight on after Dunkirk. The Conservatives wanted to parley with Hitler. If Labour MPs believe that Brown has cheated them and the British public, they might yet surprise those who doubt their willingness to resist.

If they cave in to Brown, they will for evermore be portrayed as the party who gave away Britain’s democratic independence. The Conservatives will be in a position to continue eroding the public’s declining trust in Gordon Brown’s Labour Party.

If, on the other hand, Labour carry out this, their most critical act of rebellion, against Blair’s final act as leader, signing his agreement to the Constitution, and Brown’s compliance with the EU’s wish to cancel the referendum his party had promised, they could well, at a stroke bring an end to Brown’s leadership, and be in a position to seize the political agenda away from David Cameron.

If principle were to dictate the actions of Labour MPs, they should rebel and refuse to ratify the Constitution. If self interest were to decide which way they should vote, that too would keep them in a rebellious mood.

I hear the defeatism of most commentators, and the likelihood they see that Britain is finished.

But Labour MPs have not spoken yet. It was only because of Labour MPs that Hitler still had a fight on his hands in 1940 after the fall of France. Maybe history will repeat itself, and it will be the courage of the left that will stop the European rollercoaster. Cameron cannot do this alone any more than Churchill.

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