Shame On Paedophile Portugal

From The Telegraph 10.september 2007. By Gordon Rayner.

‘the couple have the clear impression that POrtuguese police not only regard them as the prime suspects, but have no intention of pursuing any other lines of enquiry or actively searching for their daughter.

Their suporters believe the Policia Judicaria have now achieved what they have secretly wanted for weeks, if not months – to get the McCanns out of Poretugal and to place on them the indelible stain of suspicion which will enable them to wind down the case.


As Mrs McCann succinctly put it before being named a suspect – ”The police don’t want a murder in Pórtugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they’re blaming us.’

I can see why Mrs Mccann talks of murder. That would be a preferable outcome to the grisly truth of paedophile abduction – that the children are kept alive, sometimes for years and finally disposed of, when they are of no further use. they can never be set free.

Portugal’s politicians and Police have behaved and are behaving in a despicable manner. The McCanns are the bloody victims for God’s sake of the most heartbreaking crime imaginable. It is incomprehnsible to Brits that such barbarity can exist in what we imagine to be a modern law-abiding fellow EU country. If we allow the EU to run Britain’s legal system and supervise our Police force as Brown is proposing, I guess the paedophile abductors will take heart that Britain like the rest of Europe will become an easy touch.

REPLY TO COMMENTER – I am having porblems trying to comment on both my blogs as if I’m getting interference from somewhere. Portugal does not have paedophile laws according to The Telegraph in the UK. If the media is being manipulated as you say, there could be a high level pact to make this embarrasssing case go away. As for the DNA, experts have pointed out the problems with using this as primary evidence.

Portugal must endure the sahme of these events and its failure to deal with them. No need for any colonies thanks.

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3 Responses to “Shame On Paedophile Portugal”

  1. O Embaixador says:

    How many children are killed/desapear in the UK each year? Before criticizing my country please look at yours first!

    Who broadcasted that the DNA results fully match Madeleine’s? Not the Portuguese Media but Sky News, or wasn’t like that? Did you watch TV last night? Did you watch the Portuguese TV? Well, here from Belgium I watched Sky News, the BBC, SIC and RTP from Portugal. Just compare the tabloids this morning in the UK and in Portugal before posting anything negative about Portugal. We are not your colony!

  2. tapestry says:

    no need for any colonies thanks – just stop abducting children and then accusing their mothers of murdering them.

  3. Anonymous says:

    The drive of a car in Melbourne Vic a small gold yellow car with interstate plates..damage to the right front drivers side is a paedophile REG PLATE 958 RRH


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