Portugal Paedophiles Operate Unchecked By Police

Those who criticised me for daring to suggest that Madeleine McCann’s abduction is being covered up deliberately by Portuguese Police (post is 5 down from here if link not working), should read this link.

EXTRACT – The allegations are that state-run care homes were a target for wealthy and influential paedophiles whose activities were covered up for decades by successive Portuguese governments. Since the scandal erupted the Ministry of Labour and Social Security has confirmed that 128 girls and boys who were mainly deaf-mutes at the care homes were victims of sexual abuse.

or see more extensive reporting of Police covering up paedophilia in Portugal here

or see how Portuguese Police deal with mothers who allege abduction of their child here

PS I am told that a very similar situation exists in Belgium – the Brussels section that is rather than Antwerp. One is forced to the conclusion that much of the EU is a paedophile paradise.

Once Police don’t have to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt, and the assumption of innocence of British law is replaced with the assumption of guilt as in EU law, it becomes easy for corrupt and perverted bureaucracies to first rape your children, and then prosecute you for doing it yourself if you dare to complain about it, as has Kate McCann.

I think we need that referendum on the Constitution you promised Gordon Brown. As you can see, Gordon, not everyone is quite so gullible as to believe that bureaucracies are anything other than self-serving organisations that democracy cannot touch. That is what you are creating by signing into the Constitution – organisations that are so powerful that they can do exactly as they wish. In my book, Gordon Brown is the biggest traitor Britain has ever had in its 1000 year history….assisting EU paedophiles to carry on raping children with impunity.

Posters, read the report before complaining.

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