Madeleine McCann Abducted By Paedophiles

The Portuguese Police are talking bollocks. They messed up the McCann’s apartment when Madeleine disappearred destroying evidence, failed to follow up leads until weeks had passed, and now try to manufacture evidence, which British experts point out, is dodgy, and accuse Mr & Mrs McCann of killing Madeleine with sedatives, which they have never given to their children. You would think that we had a plot here for a Keystone Cops movie. It is such a farcical, almost deliberate dereliction of duty on the part of the Portuguese Police.

And that is probably what it is – deliberate. Paedophile rings are organised and criminal. The Police know how dangerous they are and either expect pay-offs for covering their tracks, or more likely fear a bullet in the back if they take any steps to apprehend them.

The British media studiously ignores the evidence of organised crime operating inside the EU – maybe out of a self preservation policy, or because they work to a strict narrative, which precludes them from mentioning EU criminality.

The reason I tend towards the organised crime version of Madeleine’s disappearrance, is the experience I have of spending time in Brussels, where child abduction is commonplace, with posters put up at most tram stops asking people if they’ve seen missing kids. In the UK you might see posters for cats and dogs of the same kind – but not usually for young kids – too young to leave home on their own.

The Belgians live in fear of having their children abducted, as the paedophile gangs operate unbothered by the Police. Once a child is abducted, they are never seen again. The Marc Dutroux case became famous, as he allowed girls to die in his cellars when he was arrested. But two girls escaped unharmed and provided many leads as to who Dutroux’ clients would have been. But no inquiries were made. Belgians all have their theories as to who is involved, many suggesting paedophiles are high up in the government.

In Brussels, kids are often photographed at play and abductions made to order. Why the Police don’t do anything, or politicians keep silent is not known for sure, but you can use your imagination…a combination of threat and reward – in a country where money easily buys influence, it is not surprising.

The strain of knowing so much evil and not being able to act to prevent it gets too much for many. Belgian Police are very prone to committing suicide.

I guess the McCanns have strayed into a similar situation in Portugal, where the forces of law and order have been equally compromised by the criminals. There is no other theory that makes any sense. The accusations levelled at Kate McCann are hopelessly manufactured.

The barman who saw them out 8 miles away without their children, which they deny sounds like a typical Police informer, or someone assisting the paedophile syndicate that carried out the abduction. The only sedation used would have been by the abductor to ensure Madeleine remained silent while she was carried out of the flat.

For another view on this visit and read ‘It’s All A Bit Baffling Really’. Or see this and especially read the comments, where one commenter compares this to the Chamberlain case in Australia, where Mrs Chamberlain had her baby stolen ‘by dingos’ – but she was accused and spent 6 years in jail before being fully exonerated.

For more evidence showing Portuguese Police actively protecting paedophiles, see latest

UPDATE – August 2008 – The sad truth starts to emerge

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    I heard a horrible allegation about some of the NL head honchos.

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    That sounds like Chris Paul Labour activist and computer hacker taking the piss. Clear off.

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