Farewell Heathrow Airport. Hello Heathrow City

Navigate yourself to the tip of Kent on Google maps and look at the size of what was RAF Manston – now Kent INternational Airport – and imagine how easy it would be to develop Britain’s largest international airport there. Planes taking off could travel out to sea without overflying any significant poulations, and landing planes would not seriously disturb the good citizens of Ramsgate.

Fast train connection is already nearby at Ashford where the Channel Tunnel departs. If a spur was made from the line linking Ashford to St Pancras, the commute to the airport from St Pancras would be 20 minutes.

You could move 100 million passengers a year through Kent, park 250,000 cars, and build the infrastructure that Heathrow cannot possibly provide. London is plagued by plane noise, and this could be greatly reduced, or eliminated entirely.

Heathrow should be given over to become a high rise area, of high class condominiums up to 40 storeys high with ten apartments on each floor. It could become a mini Hong Kong ideally placed in West London with the best transport links – with lesiure, shopping, businesses, sports, churches and schools all built in. You could solve London’s housing and transport problems at a stroke….and cut pollution, and noise.

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