Conservatives Will Vote Labour. And Vice Versa.

Eliasch is just another europhile who wants to pressure Cameron to stop fighting for an EU referendum. The Fifth column like Quentin Davies and John Bercow are dribbling away from Cameron, and no doubt he faces threats from Ken Clarke of some kind if he puts up too big a fight against the EU.

the cross party movement of MPs is crucial.

If Labour, Lib Dem and Conservative MPs form a majority in the Commons to block the Constitution, despite the wishes or positions of their leaderships, there is little Brown can do.

But imagine the temptation for a few to break ranks and the kinds of bribes that will be offered those who comply with the europhile’s aims.

This is why it is so crucial that Constituencies like Battersea and Bromley deselect their MPs before the election and replace them with eurosceptics. Same goes for Bercow, Cormack, Ken Clarke and a few others. Not sure about Mercer.

Conservative Associations should be preparing the ground for the Parliamentary EU showdown. If their MP or candidate does not represent their views, they should get rid of them, and replace them. If not Britain will have lost its independence through the apathy of Constituency Associations.

If only all the activists would not wander to waste their time in UKIP, and instead campaigned within the Party to ensure that Conservative MPs represented Conservative eurosceptic views, the situation would be so much better.

It is getting to the point where a eurosceptic voter who has a known europhile Conservative candidate and a known eurosceptic Labour (or Lib Dem) one, should now start voting Labour (or Lib Dem) to keep the Conservative out.

The Francis Maude Chairmanship has created many anomalies like Bromley and Battersea, and they need sorting out, because the focus of Parliamentary politics is at last moving to the biggest question of all – will Britain escape the tentacles of the EU empire or will she break free? It is a question that rises above party loyalties, and all the sums of pollsters and strategists will be tested.

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