BBC Says The Vulcan Will Replace IHT with CGT

Newsnight. Paxo to Crick. 10 minutes ago.

Paxo. Will Osborne abolish IHT?

Crick. Yes. He’ll get rid of IHT altogether, replace it with CGT, with exemption for assets owned for ten years or more or the main home.

Pax0. What else did he say?

Crick. Toll roads on roads to our ports. Bicycles on pathements – might not be good electorally. And rubber wheels on trains to increase frequency of trains in rush hour.

Paxo. Will the leadership agree?

Crick. Yes. But Gummer of the Quality of Life review reports in a month, when he will propose new green taxes. Redwood has advised being careful not to tax aviation.


Re the rubber wheels on trains, will the rubber be vulcanized?

What of it?

The key question is ‘will the leadership agree?’

The answer is that no one knows what the shadow cabinet will finally decide.

The Beeb started off attacking Redwood for his regulation cuts ideas earlier in the week, and caught a ton of ridicule and criticism for their overreaction to Redwood back out in the open. His suggestions then were also only provisional – to be discussed further.

This time the Beeb pulled right back from outright hostility – after attacking so blatantly last time. They are trying to sound reasoned and intelligent about Tory tax proposals – all of which seemed to give Crick and Paxman serious indigestion. They were all confused. are these legitimate Tory targets or not?

Paxman looked like a bloodhound called off his prey, when he knew he’d had the smell of Tory blood in his nostrils, but got no kill. The Newsnight Tory killing machine is merely biding its time.

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