Street Level Politics Threatens Brown’s Majority

The Conservative Party is doing better in the media this week. The Cameron-kicking has paused, and Brown the new demi-God has gone off. Where? NO one seems to know.

Redwood’s proposals on tax and economic competitiveness are making a few waves, and the first chinks in Brown’s armour are beginning to become apparent. He is no Teflon Tony, more an outright spinner without the charm.

Conservatives are readying to fight in the marginals using the Michael Ashcroft approach which has been successful in the past. The media game of politics is very important, much as it confuses activists who get very frustrated trying to follow what it all adds up to. They just want simple clear messages.

Working the media requires policy feints, play and counter-play. Ashcroft’s Constituency level politics doesn’t worry about all that. He has demonstrated over and over again that well targeted spending on literature, leaflets and so on can swing elections in marginals for the Conservatives.

Another group, operating on the fringes of politics could be an important factor in the next election. They are rolling out PCC’s in 500 Constituencies for the first time, and have no media support at all. They are 100% reliant on activists and leaflets to get their message across. It is a message which has strong appeal to the white working class, and pulls more votes from Labour than Conservative or Lib Dem. They could well lose Gordon Brown the next election, if they continue to make progress. They probably won’t win any seats.

See their new leaflets here

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