Redwood Rebuttal Rattles The Biased Broadcasting Corporation.

Cameron’s strategy with Redwood is interesting. Redwood carefully avoided mentioning anything to do with the EUSR (subservient regions). He merely pointed out the waste of resources involved in various programmes, and suggested a review.

The BBC went off like scalded cats giving voice to Labour’s shock that Cameron was opening up this new front on Brown as an incompetent manager of the economy.

How did Cameron, supposedly suppressed in fear by the Brown supposed Bounce and all the previous month’s intense Cameron-bullying, dare to challenge the assumed authority of the BBC and its satellite the Labour Party?

Redwood seemed quite reasoned and reasonable. Why is helping business save £14 billion of wasted money such a bad idea after all? The BBC OTOH did not. It’s as if the BBC don’t realise that business is a key component of society, creating jobs, paying wages, providing pensions, goods and services.

The BBC tried hard to provoke Redwood into a eurosceptic statement, (Kwark was saying ‘these are eurosceptic proposals aren’t they) but he declined the opportunity, saying that he merely wanted these matters to be reviewed, and looked at by the Shadow cabinet.

If the Beeb were to enquire further into Cameron’s policy on the EUSR, they will soon enough be introduced to Hague and Kirtkhope’s rather hopeless attempt to renegotiate the terms of the EUSR with an alternative treaty. (Subservient Regions)

Cameron’s got his bases covered. The BBC don’t like it.

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