Redwood On Newsnight

Newsnight spin as follows –


‘John Redwood ‘says it’s as good as a tax cut”

Regulation is being called the same as Cuts in Tax and Cuts in Spending by Newsnight. (thinks – why cuts in spening?)

Labour see it as a lurch (to the right – but only the word ‘lurch’ is used). It’s the usual Tory Europe and tax cuts stuff.

David Cameron is nowhere to be seen.


Kwark to Redwood – what government ever achieved such big cuts in red tape?

Redwood. the target is much bigger than it used to be.

Kwark. Cutting care homes regulation. (said cutting care homes first)

Redwood. More places possible with less regulation – not less.

Kwark. making it easier to make workers redunadant.

Redwood. employers are unwilling to employ. 5.4 million don’t have a job.

Kwark. you will scrap most of H & S regulations.

Redwood. No. about 10%. It’s expensive and not effective – review required.

Kwark. You’re prepared for a fight with Europe as over Working Time Directove. That signals euroscepticism.

Redwood. Your used to seeing politicians triangulating. I’ve spent 18 months studying how to make us more successful. There is a lot here that needs looking at.

Kwark. Will this be policy. cameron?

Redwood. Osborne likes it. But the whole shadow cabinet will have to deicde.

Kwark. Tomorrow you address pensions final salary schemes?

Redwood. 2/3 of all final salary schemes are closed to new members.

Kwark . the companies don’t want to reopen final salary schemes.
in current climate.

Redwood. we’re hoping to improve things at the margin, by improving and moving things in a better direction.

Kwark. Tomorrrow’s Guardian – Brown spends £39 billion. Flood defences etc. isn’t this what you are saying?

Redwood. (Surprised to see this a little but answered well) We want to improve the infrastructure of the country using private money so the government doesn’t have to spend.


What planet is Kwark from?

She says that regulation cuts are spending cuts. I think she lives on the dark side – never met the other side of the argument before…and believes she is facing an alien influence.

Redwood wants rubber wheels on trains. Will that be vulcanized rubber? boom boom.

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