Redwood Gets Media All A-Fluster

Just as NuLab believed they had buried Cameron into an early political grave, yesterday he shocked Gordon’s media bully boys by releasing John Redwood into the fray.

How could Cameron who they had spent months bullying for his non-attendance at floods, and his membership of exclusive clubs, dare to do this. Why was he not kneeling down in repentance begging forgiveness for being a Tory from a privileged background – and not only that – a Tory with wait for it, yes some ‘right-wing’ beliefs.

Redwood’s new policy ideas immediately provoked loony-left rants about children being sent up chimneys, slave labour and stories of old ladies being tortured by unscrupulous care-home owners out to extract profits.

Redwood got the Marxist media chorus chanting in full voice just as expected, and what a bunch of dimwits they all seemed.

Their critique was so overdone that hardly a viewer or a listener in the country could not have been impressed with their inability to focus on anything other than name calling and witch-hunt.

The media minnows were driven into a frenzy, evoking well known torturers from the Tory past like William (europhobe) Hague and Michael (immigration) Howard. They trotted out all the labels known to terrify voters that something evil was being planned, which at the very least would involve the maiming for life of half their number, and the cancellation of all subsidised bus tickets for pensioners – the very essence of right-wing politics.

If the media circus under Blair was all a bit creepy. Under Brown they’re all going just plain barmy. 57% of the public no longer trust them as it is.

So John, now they’re all going nuts about something else today, what exactly was it you were trying to say yesterday? It sounded really intersting to most people, what little the media pemitted them to actually hear.

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