OK Gordon What Do You Know?

Funny how our 75,000 tonnes of beef exports are banned worldwide when we have a FMD outbreak that is infinitessimally small (so far) and yet we import 300,000 tonnes of beef from Brazil where foot and mouth is endemic.

Could Gordon Brown explain to the British people why the last outbreak in 2001 was kept secret for four months? Can he explain why the government alleged that the Cleveland outbreak in pigs was the start of the epidemic, when it knew perfetly well the disease had been running in sheep previously?

Did Gordon Brown approve of this deception taking place ? What did he say about it to anyone at the time – or if not then, what does he say about it now?

Or does he deny that the deception took place?

The evidence that someone knew foot and mouth was ‘coming’ in 2001 is not in doubt. MAFF (now DEFRA) bought up all the spare railway sleepers in Britain for the incineration of millions of animals before the outbreak was announced. British farmers were made to dip all their footwear when travelling to the USA prior to the outbreak being announced.

Some commentators such as Jeff Rense of Rense.com jumped to the conclusion that the outbreak was planned and deliberately caused. But what hadn’t occurred to him was that the outbreak had already started when the ‘preparations’ were taking place.

The only politician to go public about the keeping secret of the outbreak for four months was Jeffrey Titford MEP of UKIP. He put out an internal party briefing on the internet, giving the details of the story early in 2001. The media completely blanked the government’s deception at the time, and you wonder if the Official Secrets Act was put into effect to notify the media to leave alone. It must have.

The secrecy ensured that the disease had spread far and wide before anything was done. One quarter of Britain’s farm animals, most of them totally healthy were then slaughtered. It is too big a story to remain secret. It was then and is still now a deception practised on the British people by their own government, which ended up costing £8 billion in halting the disease and another £8 billion in lost earnings for tourism and leaisure industries.

Any journalist trying to follow this should start by interviewing Jeffrey Titford. And then dig around. There is a big story here which has yet to break, and which should be broken. Bugger the Official Secrets Act.

It is time that the British people were told the truth. The question is – Should Blair have used the Official Secrets Act to cover up his government’s disasterous handling of the crisis? And the current Prime Minister Gordon Brown must surely tell us what his views on this are. He was the Chancellor after all, and must have noticed the loss of £16 billion. What did he know?

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