Is Gordon Brown Stupid?

I was writing on Politicalbetting two days ago, when my computer switched itself off. It wouldn’t restart so it went into dock for a day. The technician swept the disk, found a couple of viruses and a spyware which knew was there (I could hear it working sometimes), but he found no reason he could see as to why it crashed.

It is possible that it was a hacker. I have no extra anti-hacker security devices. These are compex to operate, and would probably cause me more trouble than a competent hacker. So I don’t bother.

This is the bit I was writing as it crashed. I copied and pasted Tory Boy’s phrase

‘One thing Brown isn’t, is stupid’.

I had just keyed ‘are you sure about that?’ and was about to go on about his record on the economy but that second, I was closed down.

I can imagine a young hacker monitoring blogs, sitting with his instruction sheet. ‘If anyone comes in and criticises Gordon Brown, take him out’. If so, he did his job to the letter!


Hackers again giving trouble on 22nd. Try to post but various menus pop up unrequested so cannot proceed.

Earlier in day, Dizzy found my blog had linked into his in a mysterious fashion. These characters are obviously peed off about something!!

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