Is Foot & Mouth An Unstoppable Industry?

DEFRA today slaughter a third farm’s animals even though they have no reason to suspect they have foot and mouth disease, spending money and destroying the livelihood of a farmer.

DEFRA continues not to vaccinate despite plenty of vaccine being available.

They are waiting to find out if the disease will spread first. Why?

The reason you vaccinate is to stop the disease dead in its tracks.

Is there high level corruption going on in DEFRA?

There is a foot and mouth industry which sucks up so much money that no doubt they cannot wait to get an outbreak started and whipped up into a major crisis. £8 billion was the cost of the last epidemic. Imagine how many fortunes were made. No doubt the greedy contractors cannot wait to get their hands on another bunch of banknotes. How much payoff might this lot make to someone in authority to delay the start of vaccinating?

The government must act fast to stop this outbreak before it gets going – with the only certain method available – vaccination. Every day they wait makes a wider outbreak more likely.

Gordon Brown is listening to all the wrong people.

He should be vaccinating now, not waiting until more cases break out which would please the top vet apparently Hugh Pennington. From Warmwell – ‘Hugh Pennington pops up yet again saying that we’d vaccinate if the outbreak got “out of control” – whereas ring vaccination is precisely what prevents this’

Presumably Gordon Brown has no idea of the risk he is running by delay. And yet all other countries use vaccination now as it is so well developed as a way to halt an outbreak, and the method of creating a vaccinated outer ring, and working inwards has been successfully proven to work everywhere.

If the politicians and the officials want the disease stopped, it can be stopped with vaccination, but do they have other reasons for allowing it to get going? How else can anyone explain what is happening in this current outbreak?

‘Money buys disease’, could be the one hazard the politicians haven’t taken into account.

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2 Responses to “Is Foot & Mouth An Unstoppable Industry?”

  1. Professor Hugh Pennington is not a vet.

    He is a retired microbiologist from Aberdeen and obviously a decent chap. Unfortunately, he has no first hand experience of the efficacy of FMD vaccination (as in Uruguay in 2001 for example) and is very much following the official line. A pity. His words will be very influential in swaying public opinion. It is a pity too that we are not seeing a genuine open debate on vaccination with pros and cons properly argued by those who are really well versed in the practicalities.

  2. tapestry says:

    thanks for that mary. once they let this establish, the foot and mouth industry will be out there with one key objective – to keep this outbreak going. that’s why vacination is so urgent. There will be an £8 billion industry looking for victims to feed its appetite.

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