Foot & Mouth Spreads To DEFRA’s Delight.

The latest foot and mouth outbreak reported today has come outside the exclusion zone. The Times is alleging sabotage.

During the 2001 outbreak the whole FMD execution system became a vast money-making enterprise. When friends of mine were out on the hills walking, an army helicopter flew overhead, and was seen dumping sheep’s corpse out trying to spread the disease around.

DEFRA, the Army and contractors were getting huge payoffs.

DEFRA were recently found out in Shrewsbury County Court to be accepting payoffs from big insecticide/agricultural pharmaceutical companies. Reported in Private Eye three weeks ago, a Mr Rawlings found that he could buy volume selling agricultural chemicals much cheaper in Holland and Germany so he began importing them. DEFRA tried to stop him and he brought a case in the Shewsbury County Court to challenge DEFRA.

The upshot of the case in which the judge threatened to call the head of DEFRA as a witness if the truth would not come out, was that DEFRA are receiving 20% payoffs from the big agricultural supply companies for keeping cheaper products off the market. DEFRA were fined £60,000 in this case.

Gordon Brown is plainly unaware of the huge vested interests he is facing as he tries to stop the FMD outbreak. DEFRA staff know that they can make literally millions in illegal payments from contractors if they can keep the outbreak rolling.

The sabotage which The Times and Gordon Brown think is happening is not coming from the Tories!! It’s the very people who are sitting in on Brown’s Cobra meetings. The Department For The Eliminaion of Farming and Rural Affairs. The payoffs could well be going as high as Brussels is where DEFRA is controlled from.

Why else have they decided not to vaccinate when that is the way that FMD outbreaks can be stopped? Brown has made a terrible mistake in listening to DEFRA. They are a money-making agency that will happily destroy British farming on behalf of Brussels which is committed to ending farming and fishing in Britain. as agreed by Edward Heath in 1973. And they’ve conned Brown into thinking everything’s under control. Here is Gordon talking….

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