A Few John Biffen Gems

I remember asking him in the 1980s about the shadowing of the D-Mark when Lawson was all for it, and Thatcher was against it. He said he definitely thought Thatcher was right.

Sadly as we know the Europhiles wrecked the golden inheritance.

If she had been able to control Lawson, we would not have got so far into the ERM, and Black Wednesday would never have happened. The whole of British politics might have taken another turn.

John was too intelligent for the bulk of the others, but was not a forceful character. He accepted that in politics the wrong side often wins, and you have to make the best of it. He just smiled his wry smile…He told me last year that he thought Liam Fox would have made a good leader.

The next door farmer stopped me in the road for a chat in years gone by, and as we chatted about John, he said,’the trouble with John Biffen is that he always agrees with you.’!!

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