Eat Better. Live Longer. Save ££££. (Lots of them).

I find the prices in supermarkets for meat shockingly high. Call me old fashioned, out of date and out of touch, but how can they charge so much for such dreadful stuff?

You pull it out of the packing, plonk it in a frying pan to seal the juices with a bit of frying, and within a minute, you find that you’re not frying at all, but boiling. The water which appears from nowhere has been added by the processors soaking the meat until it swells up and looks 20% fatter than it really is, and it puts on equivalent weight. They also add red dye to make the meat look fresh. I hate to think what’s in the dye. I haven’t even tried to find out.

The you need to worry about what chemicals have been used to kill off pests in the animals. Organophosphates are used to kill warble fly in cattle under EU rules, with doses specified by regulation. Many believe that mad cow disease was caused by this.

Some farms are still using polychlorbenzene to kills flies around cattle held in buildings. Both these chemicals are known to cause diseases of the nervous system like Alzheimers and Parkinsons. They kill flies and insects, but unfortunately they’re pretty good at killing humans too – just that it takes a lot longer to finish the job.

The supermarket allows you no information at all as to whether the meat has been treated with OP’s or PCB’s. You are not even allowed to know which country the meat comes from, let alone which farm.

So how about taking a new apporach to buying your beef? Buy from the farm where the animals have lived all their lives, organically fed and treated right without chemicals. Only biologically safe insecticides are used or water curtains etc.

The meat is sold by the farmer himself on the phone in the evening after work, and he charges only £2.65 a pound all in, no artificial colours, no swelling with water. Just as it comes after hanging for 14 days to guarantee great taste.

His website is and his phone number is 01691-690288 Mr David Bevan. I’ll let him tell you the rest. I’m prepared to steak! my reputation on recommending him. I had a box from him and we’ve never had better beef in our lives, and saved a lot of money on supermarket prices into the bargain.

You need a freezer that can handle a reasonable sized box. That’s all. Try it.

(No slaughtering permitted currently while movement of animals is banned)

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