Conservative Seek Power In Sadness

Conservatives are hungry not for power as an end it itself – but out of a deep dissatisfaction with the appalling mess that Britain is in. G.Brown feeds his bottomless appetite for attention and adulation each day through media coercion. His lust for power for powers sake could not be matched by anyone.

Conservatives in fact don’t want power as Michael Brown in The Independent believes.

We have to have power. It is the only way to bring an end to the progressive destruction of Britain and to fix our broken society. It is a motivation born out of sadness and despair that drives us on, to end the tragedy that Labour has created.

The gruesome stories of violent crime, of social disorder and of broken lives are the thoughts in our hearts as we engage with the powerful and destructive media propaganda machine that NuLab have fashioned.

How can it be a joyful crusade to take power from labour? It is like arriving in a war zone where a crazed militia has control of the battlefield as they carry out acts of barbarity on innocent people. All the sources of news are in such terror of their power that they write and broadcast anything they tell them. And yet the Labour militias have to be defeated.

That’s why the Conservative Party is unifiying behind Cameron under heavy fire. We cannot be allowed to fail. There is too much at stake.

Also see George Walden in The Telelgraph on the same topic.

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