Cameron the Strategist

Every day brings another pinprick story in the media trying to undermine David Cameron’s authority.

Cameron does the right thing with all these little nuisances. As with all great strategists, he allows his enemies to attack him. He then holds his fire. He waits til they think they’re getting away with it, and they begin to overextend themselves, and then smack, he takes them out with one well-timed thrust of the rapier.

It’s like a fly buzzing around you while you’re reading. Let the little shit think you’re dozing and then take it out with a well-aimed swat.

Ken Clarke should really be dealt with by his own Constituents in Rushcliffe, and deselected for gross disloyalty to the Party – never mind his past illustrious record. Cameron’s authority builds as he survives with relative ease these daily pinpricks in the media , and he will one day be ready to knife Ken Clarke. Just let Ken Clarke open his gob once or twice more and make himself a little more vulnerable.

It’s the greatest strength of apparently gentle folk like Cameron. Their enemies underestimate them, think they are weak and that they’ll be easy meat. Gentleness though does not invariably correspond with weakness.

I am sure that a lot of Cameron’s modernising play is done to confuse opponents, and get them to start manoevres against him which he knows he will be able to deal with. It’s always far easier to take out opponents who are over-confident. Gordon Brown, are you listening?

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3 Responses to “Cameron the Strategist”

  1. true blue says:

    Well written Tapestry and succinctly put, I applaud you !
    Keep up the good work. Socialism stinks, ironically, Mr Trube is watching a programme about Joe Stalin on TV, whilst I post !!

  2. tapestry says:

    the more the media attacks Cameron without unseating him, the more they waste their ammunition and build up Cameron’s persona in the public’s mind.

    I hope we can succeed in rebuilding respect in Britain without the need to resort to a Stalin, Trube. Cameron will do nicely IMO. I hope he has a few more levels of toughness than we have yet seen. I suspect he has plenty more to come.

  3. true blue says:

    Taps: Again we are in total accord. We recently met DC at a drinks reception in Liverpool (home city) and he was electrifying. He spoke for nearly an hour, totally unscripted and then, fielded some tricky questions from BOF`s (you know the ones, stuck in a 1950`s time warp) re Grammar Schools,Iraq etc.
    Before speaking he worked the room and we personally had a good chat with him about local and national issues. What a guy !

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