Gordon Brown Puts Political Spin Over Epidemiological Substance

The lesson from the 1967 outbreak was that buried animals could not pass on the virus, but that incineration could spread the virus through the air up to 30 miles. (All facts can be confirmed on www.warmwell.com)

So what is Gordon Brown doing? Yes that’s right. Incinerating.

The lesson from the 2001 outbreak was not to transport dead animals to incineration or burial sites, but to incinerate (if you have to) quickly where the slaughter takes place.

So what is Gordon Brown doing? Yes that’s right. He’s transporting the corpses from Surrey to an incineration plant in Somerset. That’s so there are no pictures in the media of vast funeral pyres. Spin over substance.

Another lesson from all previous outbreaks was not to allow anyone to travel unnecessarily through the quarantine area.

So what is Gordon Brown doing? Yes that’s right. He’s allowing ramblers to walk on footpaths across farms near the outbreak, driving the farmers mad with worry and frustration. Spin over substance.

The main lesson from 2001 was that while Holland innoculated in a ring around their infected area, and managed to stop her outbreak in its tracks in two weeks, Britain stuck to a slaughter programme which ended up killing 10 million mostly perfectly healthy farm animals.

Innoculation is a far more economic and effective method of stopping an outbreak. If neccessary all innoculated animals can be slaughtered afterwards to accelerate the reaccreditation of the ‘FMD free’ status of Britain. But the numbers needing to be slaughtered will be in the hundreds and thousands not the millions or tens of millions as it was in 2001.

So what’s Gordon Brown doing? Yes that’s right. He’s slaughtering and not vaccinating.

As he’s not following the lessons learned from the slaughter programmes of the past, Brown should move quickly to vaccination. He’s in danger of falling between two stools – and standing in a third one.


Just to make sure that everyone can tell Gordon’s taking all this terribly personally, he has decided without any evidence let alone proof, that Merial are the section of Pirbright responsible for the outbreak. He might be right, but without any evidence to back up the claim, is it very intelligent of him to be putting out any such claims?

Then the really fruitcake stuff is starting to spill out. This is sabotage, claims Gordon and dear old Benn!!!!

Ok some twit in Merial mght have got in the habit of washing out a test-tube and tipping the contents down the sink or something, but for our very own ‘genius quality’ Prime Minister to be talking openly about sabotage when he hasn’t even one scrap of evidence, is totally barking.


And he’s only been in the job just over a month……….

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