Bloggers Can Help farmers Through Foot & Mouth Epidemic

When foot and mouth broke out in 2001 it was kept secret for months before the public were told. By which time the disease had spread far and wide.

I hope that this time this is genuinely the first incident. Only when the disease crossed from sheep to pigs was it made public last time. A pig farmer up north was accused of catching the disease from imported meat he’d bought as swill from a Chinese restaurant. It was all baloney put out to cover up the fact that many had advised that importing meat from South Africa where the disease is endemic was bound to bring it to Britain. Blair did not want his Mandela PR moment spoiled, so they fabricated the narrative to suit.

I hope they don’t create the bloody mess of last time with 6.5 million perfectly healthy animals slaughtered.

Vaccination will contain the disease, but last time it was not permitted to be used. Or at least any farmer that vaccinated and still got the disease in his herd would not receive full compensation, so farmers decided not to vaccinate, causing a far worse outbreak.

The mess and mismanagement was so bad, you could almost have believed it was deliberate. There was no blogosphere in 2001 to tell people about the lies being put out by the media and the government during the last outbreak. This time bloggers can do a lot to stop the government mismanaging the disease and putting the importance of their news narratives above the lives of millions of animals and the livelihood of those who live in the countryside.

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